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Betting under lockdowns


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Some may be interested to see what the impact of Covid-19 lockdowns is having on betting through Betfair as an example.

So here are the average changes in betting per race by day of week for Australian meetings. Old avg being up to 17/03 when UK ceased racing. In '000s


which equates to around 100k per race difference. (Or effectively 50k per race in true turnover). Which is suggestive of approximately 10% of what is normally bet on UK races has shifted to Australian races during this latest 4 week period.

Makes for even better liquidity - not at UK racing levels by any stretch, but better than normal - especially for smaller meetings.

For New Zealand, it was receiving extra attention also, but we stopped very soon after the UK. For the meetings we had, we experienced a 50% increase in turnover compared to prior. Which is around a $4k increase per race.



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