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The Race Place

Te Rapa

Steve Paul

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30 minutes ago, Steve Paul said:

Thanks Barry, yes not a great card is it, I just fancied a weekend away!




Only another 3 hours to New Plymouth, a lot better fields(Carey Hobbs does a great job with that club), awesome drive(sort of), whitebait fritters at Mokau, Barry knows all about whitebait:classic_smile:

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12 minutes ago, barryb said:

Here is what I am taking today at Te Rapa.

12:02 wai R01  3 Old Countess    $16.00
12:34 wai R02  2 Kokanee Gold    $15.00
14:19 wai R05  5 Crafty Jess     $12.00
15:29 wai R07  4 Mallory Square  $19.00
16:04 wai R08  8 Trueman         $17.00
16:41 wai R09  1 Pacorus       $19.00  

Appreciated Barry, thanks

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9 hours ago, barryb said:

Yes, the only reason I didnt go there is the amount of rain, my luck is I would be 90% there and its called off or called off after race 1. Yes mate I love the Whitebait Fritters at Mokau. 

Below are the ones I had at Timaru last Friday.


Having dived for many years, there is only one thing better than a whitebait fritter sandwich, a crayfish tail sandwich.  Can only dream now

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