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  1. Hesi

    A question on stakes

    Why at Te Rapa on Sat, would you run 2 R65 races(1200m and 1600m), for $22,500, then run another R65 over 1600m, for $10,000
  2. Hesi

    whats going on here?

    Agree, saying it is likely to get you in trouble What's next, 5 days mental health leave. My line to my off spring is, we need another war, to appreciate the freedoms we have. They look at me???????????
  3. Hesi

    whats going on here?

    No positive stroking afterwards, to repair any mental health damage?
  4. Well spotted Graeme Dance of the desperates
  5. Far prefer this stat Peter 1st 20 Seagulls $9087.80
  6. Yep for sure We thought our secret weapon needed a bit of grooming, so we didn't roll him out on Sat, but he is ready to roll, after a trip to the hairdresser
  7. Nice one Rich, congratulations, you were the first person to join TRP, and your contributions have been appreciated. Does she know though, that you are already married to the horses lol
  8. Hesi

    TAB Stingy

    I took a $100 TOP3 Multi, with Babylon Berlin 1.25, Savy Yong Blonk 1.30 and James Barrie 2.15, for a return of about $350. TAB offered me a pre race cash out of $95, after BB came in, it stayed at $95, when SYB ran third they upped it to $105, then as JB shortened, they upped it further to 115, then 122. What a waste of time on their part. No I didn't cash out
  9. Almost had you there Howie, with Papanhuyzen and the Q, if Shezawinkle hadn't got in the way
  10. Couldn't quite figure this one out PJ, but that is Aussie icon Helen Reddy, but does not do any vocals in this clip, but does in the version I have posted
  11. I guess it beats talking to Wilson
  12. Hesi

    what a shambles

    Looking up the Worksafe website, only a dangerous incident is notifiable, and looking up the details of what a dangerous incident is, on the same website, being run over by a horse is not specified
  13. Hesi

    what a shambles

    We have seen quite a few near misses in racing. Horses let go with an attendant still in front, golfers on the course, the guy that walked onto the track at Trentham. I can't recall WorkSafe being involved in any of the incidents?? Maybe not their brief
  14. Hesi

    what a shambles

    Have they ever
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