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  1. Hesi

    Wide without cover

    Go easy on him Leroy We're giving him a special dispensation to join TRP, seeing as the other mob have put him on moderation yet again
  2. Hesi

    Chris Johnson

    Yep it doesn't matter I can identify with him, not part of the Cambridge glitterati, nor the Matamata 'elite', yet more raw ability than most of them
  3. Hesi


    Vet check this morning will decide whether Catalyst comes home or not. Pulled up 2 out of 5 lame. Maybe just not good enough also. It was actually the first time he has raced against any field other than his own age group. Let's hope I'm wrong
  4. Will update this as soon as the latest polls come out
  5. Hesi

    Chris Johnson

    Johnson out for a month Michael Guerin Leading jockey Chris Johnson has copped a four-week suspension and $1000 fine for being over the allowed blood alcohol limit on a race day. Johnson pleaded guilty to the charge after failing a breathalyser test at Riccarton nine days ago, where his mcg was as high as 145, with the limit for raceday riding being 100mcg. The legal limit for driving a car is 250mcg. Johnson will miss four weeks' riding but will return on October 17 needing just eight more wins to become New Zealand's most successful domestic jockey.
  6. Gold and True may be the big commercial hits but this is one of the most beautifully crafted songs I've heard
  7. Cheers, sorry about that, had I seen your selection post, I probably would have changed several more, but too late once posted
  8. R8SIR RUPERT CLARKE STAKES (G1) 3YO+ 1400m18:50 Stake: $543,000 Track: GOOD Weather: WINDY # Name Jockey/Driver/Trainer Win Place 1 Behemoth Craig Williams 2.90 1.80 6 Dollar for Dollar Luke Nolen 7.10 13 Pretty Brazen
  9. Well great minds think alike BS, I didn't even see your post R10 Take out 4 Cascadian and put in 11 Age of Chivalry Cascadian is a gunner horse anyway
  10. 1. Hastings R1 – 2,72. Hastings R3 – 3,53. Hastings R6 – 3,44. Hastings R8 – 2,75. Randwick R4- 1,36. Hastings R10 – 8,13 BB7. Randwick R6 – 1,58. Randwick R7 – 2,39. Caulfield R7 – 9,1810. Caulfield R8 – 1,4 BB Good luck BS Nice effort last week Reapers, lets see if we can go on with it Thanks PJ
  11. Hesi

    Wide without cover

    Akoya Pearl is actually part owned by Gazzac, who posts on here
  12. Hesi

    Wide without cover

    Wordsworth won though???
  13. Confusing Should we be rejoicing in the onset of Spring racing or the hardcore of the Winter grind
  14. Hesi

    Chris Johnson

    Seems quite accepting of any penalty, and adamant that he will be back to break the record. Can't really ask for anymore, so good on him. I'm sure this will galvanise the SI racing community behind him, to get that record
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