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    Racing Industry Bill

    Racing Industry Bill Home Parliamentary Business Bills and Laws Bills (proposed laws) Metadata Get notifications This bill finalises the post-transition governance structure of the racing industry, creates a legislative framework to enable property to better benefit the racing industry, and enables new ways of seeking approval for betting products. Bill information MP in charge Peters, Winston Progress of the bill What do the symbols mean? InBill Introduced05/12/19 1First Reading SCSelect Committee 2Second Reading CHCommittee of whole House 3Third Reading RARoyal Assent Read the bill Read the bill on NZ Legislation website Bills and Laws Bills (proposed laws) Supplementary Order Papers Proposed members' bills View all Bill History Bill Digest Hansard Reports Submissions & Advice Video SOPs Bill History This bill finalises the post-transition governance structure of the racing industry, creates a legislative framework to enable property to better benefit the racing industry, and enables new ways of seeking approval for betting products. Member in charge: Rt Hon Winston Peters Type of Bill: Government Parliament: 52 Bill no: 198-1 Introduction: 05 Dec 2019
  2. Just a few points At 4,500 people, that is more than they get at Ellerslie on Boxing Day and NYD, these days It is not a cost saving exercise, and if it is, why will no one step up and say just how much money is saved by racing at New Plymouth. It is about closing 20 tracks, that can then have their land transferred to NZTR, so they can then sell and generate the 190 mil in the Messara report to upgrade the facilities and racing surface at the remaining 28 tracks, which in itself, will not generate more revenue This whole land transfer thing is very much up in the air and likely to be contested, right through to the Supreme Court/Court of Appeal, which could take several years. In the meantime, NZTR will have withdrawn licences to race at the various courses concerned, just as they have done with Stratford
  3. Stratford loses traditional Christmas period event to New Plymouth Raceway Jane Matthews07:58, Dec 09 2019 Facebook Twitter Reddit Email SIMON O'CONNOR/STUFF The Stratford Racing Club has lost its only race day to New Plymouth, to the disappointment of vice president Vaughan Keegan and president John Gray. For 100 years it's been the much-loved Christmas event for the town of Stratford - now they've lost it to their northern rivals New Plymouth. The Stratford Racing Club's annual December meeting is its only race day. It has been held for almost as long as the club has been operating and sees thousands of people from the Taranaki region come to town. While the club has not officially lost the race day, they've lost permission to hold it at their raceway and it will instead be run at the New Plymouth Raceway on December 29 as part of the Interislander Summer Festival. "Losing this race day is like losing Christmas day," Stratford club president John Gray said. The Stratford Racing Club's future is already up in the air following last year's controversial Messara Report. It is one of 20 racecourses that will close if the report's recommendations are adopted. Gray said he didn't know what the next 12 months might bring for his club but giving their one raceday to New Plymouth - which already has four events in December alone - was "ludicrous". SIMON O'CONNOR/STUFF The club celebrated 125 years in 2017. "To me it's just another raceday at New Plymouth. I'm absolutely gutted for our district." He claimed there had been no satisfactory explanation from NZTR for the decision despite him requesting a detailed analysis. "There's no logical reason for it." GRANT MATTHEW/STUFF Taranaki Racing CEO Carey Hobbs said it was important to the province's racing infrastructure that the race day wasn't lost to Taranaki. Taranaki Racing chief executive officer Carey Hobbs could not be contacted on Friday to discuss the impact of the decision on racing in Taranaki. However he had earlier said in an email that from a provincial point of view it was important to the province's racing infrastructure that the race day wasn't lost to Taranaki. New Plymouth's raceway is the biggest racing track in Taranaki. It has a public stand and a member's stand and is within walking distance of the CBD. Crowd numbers at the race day meetings often number in the thousands, especially during the week between Christmas and New Year. SIMON O'CONNOR/FAIRFAX NZ The race meeting is a hugely popular local event. Gray said the event in Stratford was a "traditional day" that club members poured their "heart and soul into". Last year 4500 people attended. He said the club had come up with an action plan to make the day a success, as requested by the New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing (NZTR), but that plan did not stop NZTR giving the day to New Plymouth. SIMON O'CONNOR/FAIRFAX NZ It was a perfect day for racing at Stratford Racing Club's December 31 race meeting in 2016. Gray said the decision was explained as one of cost saving. But he said it doesn't cost anything more to have the race meeting in Stratford. SIMON O'CONNOR/STUFF While the race track is used every day, the club always looks forward to its only race day. Gray said it would not be the end of the club. They still have other sources of income. And the club was still be entering horses at race meetings around the country. NZTR chief executive Bernard Saundry said Stratford was one of seven clubs across the country which didn't get their venue's race day license this year. Saundry said they could still host a race day, it just couldn't be at their home track due to the cost. "We can't sustain all of them," Saundry said. "Revenue isn't increasing." Saundry said ultimately it was about making decisions, like choosing New Plymouth Raceway over Stratford. "New Plymouth can run more race meetings in the longer term." He said the loss of the race day didn't mean Stratford was on the track to lose its land. But the club president wasn't sure - he just wants a future for his club. "I'd love to see the day returned," president Gray said. "All we can do is hope." Stuff Facebook Twitter Reddit Email
  4. Yes after having a close look at the head on, I'm coming around to that way of thinking. I timed the contact at just over 1 second duration
  5. Hesi

    Just saying

    Why can a couple of hacks, like Pete and I, run an Invision format site, for $70/month, tech trouble free, and no ads
  6. So much hand wringing by so many experienced horse people on this relegation. But what you said Virgil, and I am not totally familiar with the rules of interference Taroni, she did not run straight, that is her problem nothing to do with BLR Yes, BLR had the whole straight to get past Taroni BLR could not run straight in the last 50m , because Taroni was carting him out Had BLR been able to run straight, while Taroni was veering out, the small margin of a head, applying Pythagoras and his theorem. Say the veering out started 50m from the finish The veering out was 10m Therefore BLR was forced to run an extra 0.99m by Taroni, yet the final margin was a head, let's say 0.25m, therefore a 0.74m margin to BLR
  7. Post any good lookers for the folks here will ya, and I don't mean the 2 legged variety. And you're right, compared to many places around the world, it's a great place
  8. You have certainly got the right name Barry, a good keen man
  9. Each generation will push the envelope with what it can get away with, within the laws of the land and maybe a few will go over that line. It is the successive Governments that set the rules that are to blame
  10. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12291777 I wonder where Thommo was that day......in the bushes Seriously though, some of the people that objected to this and decided it was okay to throw sand at her and kick her..........some people have some very strange and dangerous values
  11. Always been meaning to make a note each week of horses that stood out and should go on to win the bigger races of the season. Feel free to add to this thread, that I will pin Levante Matamata 6/12 Mascarpone Trentham 7/12 Not An Option Trentham 7/12 Savy Yong Blonk Ellerslie 7/12 Riodini Ellerslie 7/12 Pris De Fer Ellerslie 7/12 Also a few notables, that did not live up to the wrap and hype today, didn't even score a place Supera, Aero De Paris, Star Karen
  12. Hesi


    No, but found this which looks pretty good https://www.racingandsports.com/form-guide/thoroughbred/new-zealand
  13. Yes was going to mention that but you beat me to it..........well done Mardi and Curious
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