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PJ's 5 to Win Comp ROUND 3 - Trentham Sat Dec 5 - 9 races + one from Oz - closes 12.39pm Races 1-9: Trentham card Race 10: Doomben Race 5 - Roku Gin Winning Rupert Plate


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  1. Check the other site NG, just sticking up for this site
  2. 1. We don't care how big or small we are, we're too busy enjoying all things racing and sport(everyone used to rubbish comps, now everyone wants them), rather than deluding ourselves, with ill informed, click baiting, fishwife like, garbage posting from bitter people(a few exceptions of course), that we can make any difference. So much so, that someone, who actually deals in data, not hysteria, feels the need to educate. 2. Any site that gives space to a known, but albeit anonymous, fraud and idiot, can never lay claim to having any credibility, let alone the title of premier 3.
  3. Hesi

    2020 3yo crop

    I specifically said 1970, so you could put in Fury's Order, if you can remember back that far with all the wine you drink NZ Derby, NZ Cup, Cox Plate.........that will never happen again
  4. Hesi

    2020 3yo crop

    Just put up your 5 horses and stop being obtuse
  5. Hesi

    Riccarton AWT

    Anyone got an update on where this is at I had heard a bit of consternation as training gallops had to be finished by 8.45 am because of it, which suggests something is happening
  6. Hesi

    2020 3yo crop

    Well changing it around, top 5 thoroughbreds to come out of NZ since 1970 Just trying to stimulate a bit of discussion I note the Swedes are starting to show dissention towards the state epidemiologist and the idea of herd immumity Lucky we didn't listen to the expert know it alls in NZ about this
  7. Hesi

    2020 3yo crop

    I note, still nominated for and $7 fave for the Levin Classic in mid Jan
  8. Hesi

    2020 3yo crop

    Don't tell Pete, he'll be on my back again
  9. Hesi

    2020 3yo crop

    Neither do I, it's raining outside, and I've got cabinfever
  10. Hesi

    2020 3yo crop

    Then at 4 years Veandercross went on to prove that he was all class 1992-93 AT FOUR YEARS : 12 starts 8 wins 2 seconds 2 thirds WON of 12 29Aug92 Wanganui $42,903 Central Stakes Group 3 1600m Heavy Jim Walker 57kg 2nd Lord Regent (NZ) 58.5kg 1:47.20, 1.5L 3RD of 8 19Sep92 New Plymouth $42,903 Mason Stakes Group 2 2000m Heavy Jim Walker 57kg 5.8L WON of 9 03Oct92 Hastings $53,629 Kelt Capital Stakes 2000m Soft Group 3 Jim Walker 57kg 3rd Castleto
  11. Hesi

    2020 3yo crop

    Veandercross 1991-92 At THREE YEARS : 12 starts 4 wins 6 seconds 1 third; 2ND of 8 24Aug91 Wanganui $30,604 Wanganui Guineas 1320m Listed Heavy Jim Walker 55.5kg WON of 14 21Sep91 Hastings $26,779 Okawa Guineas 1400m Listed Good Jim Walker 55kg 1:22.01 2ND of 8 05Oct91 Otaki $9,181 3YO-Set Weights 1400m Soft Jim Walker 55.5kg 0.5L 2ND of 15 26Oct91 Trentham $45,907 Wellington Guineas 1600m Group 2
  12. Hesi

    2020 3yo crop

    When was the last time we produced a decent, class 3 year old.........Veandercoss?
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