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Craig's 5 Winners Spring Summer Comp Second to Last Day Feb 22
Sir Gee Gee's(Sir Gallivant/Rex) HARNESS Comp continues FEB 23RD OAMARU - BURNIE
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  1. Graeme(BROWN FOX) this weekend, good luck. PM me your bank account details Graeme. Still waiting on a few to make payments. I will send out separate PM's after this weekend to those people Thanks
  2. Based on personalities, I'd have Virgil as Foreman and Maxi as Ali But that can't be right, Ali won, so back to the drawing board Hesi
  3. Hesi

    Racing Bill

    That is scandalous, even if you were only say half right. The tail has wagged the dog into a state of exhaustion bordering on collapse Thank God for the Racing Act, but for how long
  4. Hesi

    Stratford RC

    This is one of the first so called rationalisation moves, removing Stratford's licence to race at Stratford so it must race at NP. I'm relatively intelligent, but cannot for the life of me see how this will help improve racing in NZ. Was there planned Capex at Stratford that now does not need to go ahead, so the money saved can go into improving racing elsewhere. The situation will not be any better next year, the local community will not get in behind a meeting held at NP
  5. Hesi

    Racing Bill

    The money generated off wagering on thoroughbreds
  6. Hesi

    Racing Bill

    Just off the top of your head, the current funding of Thoroughbred is about $80 mil, if it was a self funding model, what would the figure be?
  7. Hesi

    Stratford RC

    Just looking at the article by Dr Murray Blue, this was notable(see below) What a surprise, move the meeting away from the local community, and turnover drops substantially, not to mention the lack of dollars going back into the community from all the on course activity. Surely this is all wrong, somewhere there must be 'real' data for each club, on what it takes from NZTR, what it returns to NZTR in fees etc, what it effectively returns to NZ racing(NZRB) through wagering profits, and nice to have and need to have Capex. So people can evaluate for themselves, just who is dragging down the ship, and who is keeping it afloat, and therefore should be kept going. The above does not include income derived by the club from it's own on course activity, which is effectively independent of NZTR?RB The club was one of the top commercially performing race courses for the TAB in off-course and fixed odds turnovers, he said. On course turnover at the December 29 meeting in New Plymouth fell from $124,000 to $101,000, while total turnover was down 28.4 per cent from $1.31m to $940,000.
  8. Hesi


    Your favourite horse Rees, could be a Derby winner, I suppose we should get the pronunciation right Of or pertaining to Tibet T- bet-an Not, as has been heard many times Ty-bet-an Ty-beet-an
  9. Brotherly love, very sweet, as in sickly
  10. Yes Tom But remember, you are not in a head to head with anyone. You are up against a match pairing that your skip picks. If your team aggregate beats 1 team, it's 1 point. If it beats both teams it's 2 points. And if your team team aggregate surpasses the profit margin it's another point. So 3 points can be had So best strategy is to go for the longer priced horses.......team strategy meeting Cheers
  11. Superb effort Rex, PJ'esque Thanks
  12. You've got the morphine turned up too high again Rex
  13. Hesi

    All things Derby

    I thought what made Sunline so superior, is that she had a high cruising speed?
  14. Yeah, stop being a pussy Pete. Turn the page, look at that Hesi, never had a bet on the trots in 30 years, and co-leader.......stunning
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