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  1. Let's see what the response is like first
  2. You mean like a couple of portadunnies, a coffee stand and a sausage roll vending machine at Cambridge
  3. Can we get an indication from the current members, what the interest is in a new Punters Club, run by somebody. Also any new entrants It could be, that like PJ's comp, the Punters Club is about Jason, so many may not be interested without Jason Moosey Steve paul Tom YES Nek Andy Maximus Pete Sir G Mardy YES Brownfox YES Sandpiper YES Group one winner Porky YES Smiler Blind squirrel McCooks YES Richie Vanturk Tigertiger
  4. Then you have to ask, what is the point. When was the last time they filled a grandstand at Ellerslie Also many of the rural clubs that are destined to remain in the 28, how many meetings do they have per year, to justify millions spent on facilities. Also, where is the business plan, that should be done in conjunction with the facilities, that is going to detail, how they are going to get people back on course, and where is the business plan that details what/how these new facilities will be used for on the other 355 days of the year, that gets a return, for the millions spent
  5. Just rehashing Jason's post on what he does I think the PC needs a tweak so the new person may have some new ideas but the 3 mains things I had to do to run it were * collect the weekly entry money and keep a spreadsheet of payments * create a betting draw * deposit the betting money in to members account or place all bets for non TAB acc holders * update results weekly and keep winnings spreadsheet updated * payout at end of period With the awesome members I had it was easy keeping track as no bad payers (most people actual paid in advance)
  6. If NZTR as the national administrative body tried to do that, firstly, do they have the power to do it, secondly, imagine the bleating from the 5 clubs affected each year
  7. "The vast majority of us acknowledge that our current racing venue footprint isn’t sustainable. We have too many venues for the size of our industry, and we haven’t got enough capital to bring all venues up to the right standard of safety and quality for participants and punters." Selling off 20 odd racecourses to generate 190 mil to refurbish the facilities and tracks at the remaining 28 courses, is ultimately important, but without the other initiatives in place, it will not save Racing. If for instance, God(not Winston) waved his magic wand, and said, there you are racing people, I have given you 28 racecourses all with good track surfaces and modern facilities, what would happen. Would the quality of fields improve, would wagering increase, would stakes increase....of course not. Cart before the horse(pun), get the sustainable model right first, get the out of control costs in check, sort out the bumbling monopoly that is the TAB, then address this very difficult issue of where the money will come from to upgrade tracks and facilities. Clubs might then, be a lot more amenable to this Amen
  8. So with so many variables and the absence of information, hard to say which options offer the most return to NZ racing. Probably have to say oncourse with all the other associated expenditure on food, drink and room charges, and using the tote with average take out of 20% would provide the best overall return??
  9. Hesi

    well done, young man

    Here's a cryptic clue, we have several of these on here, but it is the feline version
  10. Hesi

    well done, young man

    and why $20 win bet on the Wellington Cup if you come up with the answer I have
  11. Hesi

    well done, young man

    As an aside who will be the undoubted toast of Karaka this year
  12. Hesi

    well done, young man

    Yoku yatta Certainly not a member of the Imperial Air Force, like some
  13. Thanks for that Mardi, heading out to do some work, so will digest tonight
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