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  1. So they weren't even in the Racing industry
  2. Can someone describe just what it was that Ange and Dave had about the formula with Racecafe, that so many people talk about with such glowing reference
  3. https://www.newstalkzb.co.nz/on-air/simon-barnett-and-james-daniels-afternoons/audio/brien-cree-radius-care-founder-on-why-hes-reopening-rest-homes-to-visitors/
  4. Surely if you have data that shows higher end stake increases will not increase turnover, as I know you have(Mardi as well), you are obliged to forward it to them The Aotearoa Champions Day @200K for all races, may eventually mean a higher % of good horses are retained to race in NZ for longer, and that may entice more interest in from the better public here and overseas, but as you say, no point if it does not increase NBR
  5. I presume then you would be replying to that question, with the supporting data, which I know both you and Mardi will have
  6. Thanks for the match yesterday Maria and the Swampies. Too good for us. Never mind onto next week Pies, we still have a joker and black adder to play. Thanks again PJ for the effort you put in running these comps for the enjoyment of others
  7. And just bumping up Round 7 # Home Score Away Score Location Date Time 1 Highlanders Magpies Location 4 2 Kauri Kats Ferdies Location 2 3 Turbos Blues Location 1 4 Chiefs Swamp Foxes Location 3
  8. Hesi

    Zaaki Out?

    Especially if Anamoe wins lol
  9. Good thoughts Tom, but people are not going to fall out of the sky, you have to tell them about it, every month, every year, so you catch the new generations. This is the most fundamental business practice there is when it comes to building a business. The only thing that has changed, is the way you do it, with the advent of the internet and social media. The whole way of communicating and selling your product has changed, and it has become the domain of the mainly younger people
  10. Not left field Tom, they should have started doing it 20-30 years ago, and something i have always said is the number one reason racing has declined in NZ. Be wary to differentiate between marketing wagering, which the TAB do, which indirectly promotes racing, and marketing racing, which is the domain of NZTR, which as you say there is no budget for
  11. Catch 22 The only thing keeping NZ racing afloat, is the revenue off offshore racing and sports, which is protected by the Racing Act If you were in charge of the NZRB or whatever it is called now, why would you not focus on that, to meet your own projections, instead of the problem child that is NZ racing. You have to, because of the Racing Act, but I bet you wouldn't like it
  12. You could post maps like that for all of the Aus states. It represents how strong racing is in Australia. It is not strong in NZ and is in retrenchment mode and has been for a long time. Lots of small feeder clubs, seem fundamental to any sport/racing, but we just seem to have lost it in NZ
  13. Hesi

    Great idea

    Remember it was Ellerslie who stopped picnics, boot parties on the infield because of the liquor licensing, and killed a great tradition for many people
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