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Midweek 5 To Win - FINAL series starts Dec6

hard to believe Riccarton R7


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Winners Time: 1:08.68

Gigolo George  a R62 horse going into the race, beats the likes of Signify and He Kin Fly ...fair enough, the said GG had a featherweight accordingly. But on a Dead 5 he ran 1:08:68 ?? (Two weeks earlier HKF won in 1:10:14 on a Dead 5. Yes, I know race tempos vary.)
 A quick bit of Mustelid Research shows that in recent times the officials at Riccarton have been asleep on the job ... was yesterday a repeat of 15 August?


Canterbury JC at Riccarton Park - Saturday 15 August 2020 Race 3 - Zilco Three-Year-Old (1070 Metres) Subsequent to race day it was established that this race which had been advertised as 1100 metres had been started from an incorrect marker resulting in a distance of 1070 metres, with the official result being altered accordingly.

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Apparently the track should have been upgraded to a Dead 4 and a significant wind and temperature shift in the early afternoon would have helped dry the track even more by the time the 1200m event was run. No issue with the 1200m marker placement according to the Mustelid's impeccable source 'in situ'.

Very quick for a R62 horse having had only a handful of starts. Stewards contender?

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