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Matariki ..another flockin' holiday businesses have to pay for ...


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Max is not against the new Matariki holiday kicking in from next year. Good to acknowledge the Maori New Year, kapai, kapai and all that jazz ...

BUT it will come at horrendous cost to SMEs already struggling under Nanny Jacinda Statism.

And Max is more than a tad suspicious of the PC mob running the bureaucracy and media of 'Aotearoa New Zealand'.

Will they rescind provincial holidays to offset Matariki?

Do they plan to rescind Queens' Birthday Observance (after the Queen dies, of course) because Matariki in late June /early July is already locked in and we don't need to wish happy birthday and pay tribute no more to a dead monarch? 

Will they add another public holiday in mid-November (King's Birthday) for King Charles 111 ? When it's Willie's turn, sorry King William V, will we tack on 21 June just for him or throw it in with the movable feast that is Matariki ?

Thank goodness we have a worldly and wise Maori Advisory Group (no doubt meeting often at the taxpayer's expense) to help Jacinda sort it all out.


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