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Westport 12/3

Happy Sunrise

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Now that Jeremy Wells is scratched...

Khal Drogo, 11FF in Race 5, was always backed in its early starts without delivering but he did show a bit behind horses like Fire Fox, Jawbreaker and Delightful Dude. The times he ran stack up well and last weeks trial in a 2.02 mile rate shows he is on the job. Comes into the 2 on the second line which is very convenient and the grass might suit with the grass track supremo Robbie Close on. Not convinced on Jimmy Arma at 1.90FF and Ideal Grace, the Regan Todd is driven by Tom Bamford and not Robbie Close, so the 11s for Khal is seemingly good value.

Kusanova in Race 7 was at 7.50FF which was nice but it has been backed into 4.80 now which makes it less appealing. Has been running strong races in behind the likes of Overarm, Gayle Force. Best on grass and should be get out to be handy which will make her very hard to beat with Gavin Smith on.

Longview Lady drops back in grade and gets some handicapping relief off the 10m so should be able to get handy and go close enough. At 5 and 2FF, the 2s for the place is a nice doubling of any multis taken. John Dunn takes the reins off Ken Barron for this one.



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This is what I find annoying about punting in harness. They unfortunately have a crash and consequently a rerun but the draws change with the scratchings. Khal Drogo goes from 2 the second line into 1 and the other favourites such as Jimmy Arma and Ideal Grace move in to better draws.

Surely, the horses should stay in the same positions? 

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2 minutes ago, ngakonui grass said:

Why did they stop that race i would have thought you carry on.

Getting a bit like football where you kick the ball out if an opposition player gets injured.

Now, if there is a loose horse the race is 99% abandoned. Nothing like even a few years ago. Did you notice the driver's in the back portion essentially stopped the race using their own judgement before the stipes made a decision? While that is probably a good thing (certainly after the heavy fall of Jim Curtain) I await the day drivers pull their horses up but the race continues. This is much like the starts where if a horse swings sideways at the start and you are inconvenienced you should pull up voluntarily because you will be declared a late scratching.


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