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I have played EPL draft for a couple of years and it's loads of fun. A few of us played last season and I have set up a league for us again this year on Sportsdeck. The link is:


Click the join now button.

The league code is 867772 Batshuayi Crazy. It's a snake draft just like the Super Comp

Pick 14 players in the live draft at 9,00 pm Monday night. 11.00pm NZ time

Hope some of you keen EPL fans can join me


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Okay, the draft has failed to commence on the last two occasions due to there not being 12 teams entered. Now there are 11 and I have invited a bunch of people to fill the last slot so the draw is highly likely to be 11.00pm tonite (9.00pm Oz time). Be online or complete your draft list before going to bed. Thanks everyone

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Thanks for taking part in the draft people ! Hope you are happy with the team you've picked. No JOHN !!??

And are you in there Virgil ??

My team is: Patricio, Alderweireld, Otamendi, Cancelo, Lindelof, Shaw, Buendia, Grealish, James, de Bruyne, B Silva, Abraham, Haller, Lacazette

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On 8/28/2019 at 3:15 PM, Say No More said:

Hi Peter,

Yes I withdrew my team.  I play a bunch of different fantasy comps (sad I know) and if I'm in, I'm all in - I can't do half-arsed.  One of my bugbears in fantasy comps (particularly H2H) is people who enter a fantasy comp, play for a week or two and then don't manage their team.  I didn't want my team to be one of those teams. 



Agreed John. next year we need to collaborate regarding leagues. I find the draftfantasyfootball.co.uk games very good and also Superbru, the South African site. Sportsdeck always fun also

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