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Richard Yuill


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Picked this up off the Current and Ex Jockey's FB group, have copied 2 posts by John Gartshore

 Richard has a hip operation recently, apparently he was in the stables somewhere and was knocked of balance by a horse , he fell and hit his head , suspected brain bleed , will know more tomorrow, very serious, wishing him a speedy recovery
 Update on yullie.... doctors bought him around today, started to fit so put him back into induced coma , they will consider trying again tomorrow... fight like we know you can mate , you can do this
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I posted the update below on BOAY, when Freda asked for any news, so better post it here.  Only took about 6 hours to be released, as I am moderated, free speech.......yeah right

Apart from that, the initial signs were not looking very good, so at least the news is sort of positive


From Ex Trainers and Jockeys Facebook group, 9 days old though

John Gartshore
4 September at 18:38
Ok some good news at last , Richard Yuill has been taken out of coma but still heavily sedated, eyes open , eyes still clear , still squeezing close family and friends hands , but most importantly I hear he’s been moved from intensive care to high dependence ward and breathing on his own ..... champion better than Winx 

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A more recent update

John Gartshore
8 hrs
Good afternoon good people, this is a wee update on Richard Yuill. As you are aware he has had an accident while in his stables . His son has informed me he has a broken pelvis, six broken ribs and of course his serious head injury. Richard is still sedated quite heavily, but knows when people are there and turns his head to see you , he is moving both arms and legs and speaking a few words. As you know the pelvis and ribs will heal , however the extent of head injuries is still to be decided, but by all accounts it’s looking good, he is going to have lengthy recovery all going well . He is a tuff bugger , and is fighting like one . Let’s hope it all works out for him , Donna and his boys and of course his brilliant staff .

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