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This is Bettor - Craig Thornley

Happy Sunrise

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13 minutes ago, Happy Sunrise said:

He needs to be suspended / fined for blatantly not starting in his proper place with this horse. He was miles off the rails when he had drawn one on the second line.

I backed it by the way.

mebbe he wanted to get to the front and thought starting from wider would make it easier ...

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Just now, Maximus said:

you said you backed it ...so did I

I am not worried about the losing of money 😁 It was in the interests of the horse to start wide and go wider as it has done in its trials due to it being green.

I just think it was a liberty Thornley should not have taken.  Harness racing starts are a big enough mess without someone deliberately starting in the wrong position. If he is asked anything by the stipes, I will imagine the answer will be the track was flooded on the inside so he started wider. I checked that, and it is not correct but they will lap it up.

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