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Te Huia comes apart

ngakonui grass

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indeed NG ..we are hopeless at infrastructure. Yanks and others laugh at our highways and motorways, which are designed to require constant maintenance to keep the roading companies in work... Japan is as prone to earthquakes as we are but their high-speed rail system is phenomenal. We have nothing. Shall we blame it all on Tangiwai?

They are ORGANISED; we are not. It's still "she'll be right, mate ..." and we dont have the population density or high wage economy to demand (or pay for) rapid transit 

It's that simple. We could have become the Norway of the Southern Hemisphere but Gummit canned oil and gas exploration ... and now, just as China flexes its muscle in the South China Sea and oil prices are steadily climbing amid underlying inflationary pressure, NZ is converting its only oil refinery into a mere distribution centre for refined oil.

So if OPEC decide to put the squeeze on again - like in the mid 1970s ..our economy is ...F*****Ked.

She'll be right. mate! 


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