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Racing Industry Vaccination update - NZTR


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I presume Harness will also have a similar announcement


Industry Vaccination Update

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28 October 2021

This update follows the Government’s recent announcements on the transition to a traffic light system and the associated vaccination mandates.

There is a twofold impact on the industry requiring different approaches for each.  Racecourses as event venues under the traffic light system may require those present at their meetings to be vaccinated and provide proof of this.  In addition, racing workplaces – including race day, trial day, or trackwork mornings – are also required to provide safe conditions for those working there. 

It is clear to NZTR that participants who want to secure their sport’s future and their ability to participate in it, but are yet to be vaccinated, should do so as soon as possible. While vaccination is a personal choice, thoroughbred participants need to understand that choosing not to get vaccinated will have significant consequences in terms of their ongoing ability to participate in our sport.

To ensure that we can welcome as many people as possible on course in the future, and to enable thoroughbred racing to operate with fewer restrictions and more certainty, we will be requiring all racing clubs to use vaccination certificates wherever possible at all levels.

Given the Government’s announcements this week, this is likely to also mean that anybody who wishes to enter a racecourse to work (including trainers and jockeys) will need to produce a vaccination certificate.

Critically, vaccination certificates will only be available to those who are fully vaccinated or medically exempt. As it takes a minimum of three weeks to become fully vaccinated, industry participants who want to ensure that they can get a vaccination certificate when they need one should book their vaccinations immediately.

NZTR is not ruling out an additional industry-wide vaccination mandate through the Rules of Racing to protect our participants and our sport and is taking advice on this subject. A further announcement and advice can be expected once the Government’s framework is confirmed, and we will work with clubs and sector groups to ensure a consistent approach across the sport.

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