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CMPRESNT.thumb.JPG.37b892313bc2a944b4e41ad474ea2a07.JPG.96e5278c193273e837deb44fa8c23f04.jpeg.a9b4aaf18c30fb0c0484439d8cde7f01.jpegQ & A with Enteebee

1. What is your most memorable experience?

* Breeding my first winner when Sol Invictus won his first race.

2. What got you into horses?

* My best friend was Ricky May's cousin so I was adopted by the May family and started going to race meetings in their horse truck.

3. How did the syndicate come about and how long has it been going?

* Had been in other syndicates and Michael House suggested that I could form a syndicate with a couple of horses he had in May 2008 - 'hand me downs' that werent any good and our first winner Rugged Cross we got as a weanling.

4. What is a drama you can recall that ended with a happy story?

* We travelled all the way to Forbury to watch Majestic Man's first start and he made a mess of the start and galloped early.  He made up an incredible amount of ground and got up to win - I walked down the steps from the stand beside the stipes repeating 149... 149 (you are only allowed to gallop for 150m) but due to poor camera angles they couldn't tell and we kept the race.

5. Do you have a fav horse, if so why?

* Has to be Majestic Man - he is just so honest - if only he had taken the passing lane in the Interdominion Grand Final.

6. Is it or was it hard to attract members to syndicate if yes why if no why?

* Yes is has been hard to fill syndicates at times but when times were tough in Griffins and we had a vote and added 10 shares rather than sell horses then our luck changed.

7. What are the benefits of having a syndicate?

* So much fun for such a little outlay - no management fees in our syndicates - we do it for love.

8. Why were there more Griffins syndicates created?

* We had access to other Grice horses like Father Christmas and Cuddly Jess and Griffins couldnt afford more horses - Seafield syndicate has recently been wound up when Father Christmas lease was cancelled.

9. What is the future plan for Griffins?

* Two of our winners have now left winners so where we can we will race foals from our mares - Shutterup - Megapixel and Rugged Cross - Rugged Peak.

10. What is the most thing you love best about Harness racing?

* Sharing the joy of winning with members who would never have dreamed of owning a Group 1 winner (although we had to race in Australia during Covid to do that and we couldnt be there)

11. How do you celebrate these days success re horse win?

* We have had syndicate dinners before but not recently due to group size restrictions and members live all over NZ and some in Australia.

12. Who was your 1st winner and how did you feel? Do you still have a vivid recollection of it? Guess it was the syndicates 1st winner? If not re syndicates 1st winner who was the syndicates 1st winner?

* My first winner was Castleton's Mission who won 15 races and was also 2nd in an Interdominion Trotting Grand Final.  His first win was the 2yo Sires Stakes and the weekend before the race Michael House had to trek to Oamaru to qualify him or he wouldnt have got a start (was a 2 horse trial against the famous Pernod's Jolter.)  We had two in the Sires Stakes race and I bet on our other horse Evening Dash (Kevin Townley). Griffins Syndicate's first winner was Rugged Cross at Invercargill on April 3 2011.

13. What are some tips advice for anyone looking to get into a horse syndicate? Dos & donts?

* Ask around for people who will know members of the syndicates to check on how they are run.  Be sure to see the accounts regularly and be very aware of the management fees.  There have been some shockers over recent years and even our syndicate has had a few wee issues but every decision is by majority vote.

14. How many times have you watched a horse of yours win the most?

* In 2004 I took the family on holiday to Europe and England - I watched a race between Lyell Creek and Castletons Mission for the first time in an internet phone box in a place called Warrington and have watched it probably more than 50 times since then.  It was reminiescent of the famous Our Waverly Star / Bonecrusher clash. I even went to visit a place called Castleton after that as had a smile on my face for days.

**100 wins of a group of syndicates that’s led by Griffins Syndicate

Majestic Man  18

Father Christmas 17

Monty Python 15

Dark Horse 14

Sol Invictus 7

Sarah Palin 6

Cuddly Jess 5

Daiquiri         4

Rugged Cross 3

Bet Pray Love 2

Lord Roydon 2

Westerly Wind 2

Arc de Triomphe1

Mega Pixels  1

Our Pinocchio 1

Rugged Peak 1

Shutterup 1

(Majestic Man - 1st win video attached - worth a watch, very entertaining)


(Castleton’s Mission win against Lyell Creek attached)


(Picture attached is Castleton’s Mission & Enteebee in winners circle following 2yo Sires Stakes win 😄)

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Thanks Pete for creating this section. Obviously most have already seen Enteebees Q & A. And questions comments have already been written in Karrots Mid-weekly update for anyone wanting to take a look. 

PS feel free to add anything further @Enteebee to this at anytime or if at anytime you wish it to be removed or edited please just contact Pete or Hesi to do so. 

Thanks again. 

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