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Mr Weasel Sir -Tavistock Injured


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Tavistock has sustained an injury in his paddock which will impact his ability to cover. Cambridge Stud have decided that Tavistock will be withdrawn from service for the remainder of the 2019 season. He has covered 76 mares out of a large book with 43 in foal and 23 under service. Tavistock has had a strong start to the racing season, particularly in Australia, off the back of good sale results. Cambridge CEO Henry Plumptre said today “It has been a difficult year and naturally we are disappointed that Tavistock will not be able to complete his book for this season. However, long term his health is the only thing that matters, particularly with the representation he has coming through and we will focus on having him back for the 2020 season.”

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nice of you to think of me LFV ...as Tavi's #1 fan in NZ I am disappointed to read this news...but at least it ain't terminal like his studmate Roaring Lion.

As an aside, Tavistock is having a fab month or two ... in October alone something like 21 winners in NZ/Oz.


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