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The annual dollop of stayer pudding at Riccarton is here. It might not be a michelin star degustation, always welcome nonetheless.

Dee And Gee and Felaar look set set to run a race and hard to make a case for a length of two either way between them. Dee And Gee should be shorter, 4th in a strong Akl Cup, 2nd in Wellington Cup, 54kgs here, excellent in Metrop, not sure what more she has to do to be respected.

Felaar - the race comments say he loomed up in the Metrop. Is that the good kind of loomed up where he is trained to the minute for this, or the bad kind where he is a touch ungenuine? I'll say we can expect to see a better finish from him on Saturday, and overall a few lengths improvement on last year after a more targetted preparation.

Nymph Monte is short considering his inconsistency (and his record of showing up on the big day is no better).

Duplicity surprised me last Wellington Cup not being able to go with the front two at the finish and it's twice now out of 3 times at the 2 miles he hasn't finished it off like a proper stayer. The time that he did it was Bizzwinkle's dawdling affair. So I'm open to the idea he doesn't quite get a strong 2 miles and may leave him out altogether (I won't be betting at all if the tempo looks poor). He absolutely deserves respect but hey if you can pot the fav that's usually a fun thing to go ahead with.

Gorbachev has had a beautiful couple of leadup runs. I'm open to him improving at the trip a little. It's marginal. Same age and miles on the clock as Dee And Gee.

The best 2 mile form here is brought by Jacksstar, giving weight away and placing in the 2017 Akl and Wellington Cups. He'll be in all my exotics. Picked up the Awapuni Gold Cup this year but who knows whether and how much his age and niggles will prevent a good run this time.

Soleseifei is one I had expected to improve into the top few NZ 2 milers by now. She hasn't got there yet and she's all wrong at the weights here. A better spread of weights at the Wellington Cup would be more her go, that's not to say she couldn't go close here off a good tempo. 

Chief Sequoyah has some merit stepping up in trip for the first time after only 16 starts. Not many horses have their second win in an open handicap as he did. Pretty weak affair that. If the plan is to lead again I'll dodge him, otherwise he could be one to sneak into 3rd or 4th. Not value to win at 40/1, just a first four booster.

Owen Patrick stands out at a price. Originally a Derby prospect, dead set stayer up in trip after 25 starts having won or placed in far more than his fair share over shorter trips. Yes, there's no sparkling form there, he doesn't gap fields he just sits in the pack and relentlessly grinds. He can properly outstay most of this lot on Saturday. The step 2200 -> 3200 isn't ideal, he must be rock hard fit though and is running at his peak. I think he has the attributes to be far nearer the top of the market.

Korakonui is right in this profile wise. Is being asked a lot at the weights which the Feilding Gold Cup underlines where she was bested by Duplicity getting weight and while Duplicity is too short, it's hard to make a case for Korakonui to be less than double his quote.


Others don't immediately appeal, open to persuasion. Waiting on final field, track conditions etc.


Some TAB prices:

Duplicity 4.5

Felaar 6

Gorbachev 6

Nymph Monte 8

Dee And Gee 12

Ripcord 12

Soleseifei 12

Korakonui 18

Kaharau 21

Sulcifera 21

Al Haram 26

Humble Pie 26

Jacksstar 26

Diorissimo 31

Chief Sequoyah 41

Dragon Storm 41

Nomen Ludi 41

Owen Patrick 41

Pamir 41

Sweet Treat 41


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Dee And Gee now 5.50 from 12. Didnt notice any price movement before the draw today tho. I think the TAB do a general market review at FF time. Kaharau nice warmup today.

I cant defend Felaar or CS at these prices Max.

Owen Patrick might not be a dead set stayer but he shapes ok and bred ok for it imo and now 50/1 after drawing well from 40/1 should be up in the van so that'll do nicely. Can afford to be wrong a lot at 50s.

Cant knock Gorbachev at 6.50 proven like you say and rails run guaranteed now from 4.


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