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Zac purton/James Mcdonald


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I see Zac has called out James around being based in Australia v Hong Kong.

Yes Zac we all no it's good money but there is only a number of world class race meets the rest are just propping up those days unlike Australia (Sydney/Melbourne) and to some point brisbane/gold coast were there is world class race meets 95% of the time and more opportunities to make a living.

I think Zac needs a new challenge himself instead of calling out other jockeys he should be more worried about his own goals he sets himself, what he rode 7 winners on a Average race meet big deal yes I enjoy the Hong Kong races but I rate the horses/races in Australia alot higher.

Anyway that's my 5 cents worth on this look forward to what others have to say on this matter.


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Riding in Hong Kong- I would imagine you’d live pretty close to the track, you only ride twice a week Sha Tin and Happy Valley, prize money is still attractive in Hong Kong, you’d have far more down time, to spend with family, 

As far as earning 7 times more is concerned, the amount of money that is turned over on the Hong Kong tote, I’d imagine the slings would be astronomical in comparison 

As for the comment about still paying off ya mortgage at the end of your riding career maybe in NZ but certainly not among the elite in Sydney or Melbourne 

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