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This one reminds me of our Politicians.

A run of the mill joe blogs dies and arrives at the Pearly Gates, where he is met by St Peter.

St Peter informs him that he has a choice of where he can go. Heaven or Hell.

The chap asks if he can see each one ,so he can make an informed choice .

"Turn to yr right, and there is Heaven " says St Peter. The chap steps in and there are white clouds , people hanging around playing harps, bit of singing and praises but not much else. The chap isn't overly impressed.

"Turn to your left and there is Hell " says St Peter. The chap steps in and there in front of him is a wondrous sight, people having fun doing all sorts of things, mansions everywhere, TAB,s ,Casino,s etc. That's for me he thinks.

St Peter asks him which one he wants. 

"Well to be honest says the chap ,I would like Hell"

"Ok, turn to your left" ,says St Peter. 

And there in front of the chap is a baron wasteland with nothing in it. 

"Hold on says the chap, that isn't what I wanted" 

"Well "says St Peter , "you saw the marketing, and voted accordingly".

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