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Well that was an interesting 1st day of the magic millions was abit of a slow burn to start the day but there was some fire works late in the day with lot 153 a colt by i am invincible out of the winning golden slipper mare in mossfun fetching $1,650,000 will that be the sales topper???

I was surprised in the clearance rate of 82.72% with how slow it started a few vondors would of been thinking how are we going to maximize profit, but with an average of $271,343 most will be happy with that unless your the vendor of the justify colt that went for a total of $20,000.

On a side note I see the super Seth colt out of miss bling fetched $250,000, so the market is there for the first season sire who's by one of my favorites in dundeel who Peter will no very well. 

Will be very interesting to see how the rest of book 1 of the mm stacks up and how it transpires into the rest of the sales season. 

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18 minutes ago, vanturk said:

I see t a purchase  a couple

But will not be the top purchaser of the sale they are just another buyer at this sale, you would think they would be buying up some of the nicer types but the big boys who buy on 2 year old type will make sure they are not evan in the same ball park, they will not  make a dint in the overall Grosse but thanks for pointing out they were apart of the buying bench to some degree in my personal opinion they are only buying to be seen buying at the gold coast all apart of there marketing strategy look at us approach will be interesting to see how the purchases do on the race track will they ever win a 2 year old magic millions my guess is not as they can't control the entry's into the race. 


*The above is my personal opinion. 

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Well that was a better day at the magic millions good to see the clearance rate up to 86.96% and the average has gone up around $22,000 to $293,781.

Also great to see a new top lot beating yesterday's top lot by a staggering $950,000 a zoustar filly out of solar charged ($2,600,000) it will be interesting to see if this filly stays the top lot heading into day 3.

On a side note how good is it to see 3 fillies in the top 5 lots means that there is some very smart investment on the gold coast and people are there just not to buy a race horse as we all no with buying a filly your just not buying the physical article but also buying the page as that will never change if anything it should just get better.
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