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Summer-Autumn Draft Comp Draw for the rest of the 2nd Round


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Round 12

Kelly's Heroes v Ramones

Dream Team v Reapers

Desperados v Union Jacks

Believers v Max Factory

Bye - Coyotes


Round 13

Dream Team v Kelly's Heroes

Reapers v Union Jacks

Desperados v Believers

Ramones v Coyotes

Bye - Max Factory


Round 14

Ramones v Max Factory

Dream Team v Union Jacks

Coyotes v Kelly's Heroes

Believers v Reapers

Bye - Desperados


Round 15

Desperados v Ramones

Believers v Dream Team

Coyotes v Max Factory

Union Jacks v Kelly's Heroes

Bye - Reapers


Round 16

Ramones v Reapers

Kelly's Heroes v Max Factory

Desperados v Coyotes

Believers v Union Jacks

Bye - Dream Team


Round 17

Max Factory v Desperados

Coyotes v Reapers

Dream Team v Ramones

Believers v Kelly's Heroes

Bye - Union Jacks


Round 18

Reapers v Max Factory

Ramones v Union Jacks

Dream Team v Coyotes

Desperados v Kelly's Heroes

Bye - Believers


There is NO Finals Series


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