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The Race Place

Cheviot (Addington) 02.04.23


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R1 #2   DIAMOND HARBOUR           if it does things right at both ends divy might be possible  broke during running at least x2 .Adios to chances.

R2 #1   JORDY                                       Consistent but likely to be at shorter odds than i like but still backable  2nd $2.30

R3 #6   STAR MAGIC                         The stats say a good run is likely ok run ,thought driver might have gone earlier,but black booker imo

R7 #1   JIMMY JAMES MaGUIRE  Going better than formline suggests

R9 #5   RAKASHARP                        New trainer & new country ,trialled fairly.

R10#6  BRI EXPRESS                       hasn't fired this campaign,gone ok at trial but raceday not so good. 3rd $2.70

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1 hour ago, ngakonui grass said:

R9 #5   RAKASHARP                        New trainer & new country ,trialled fairly.

If you watch the trial carefully, Rakasharp was still going strongly way past the post, I don't think they let it down. The only query is 2600 after racing miles at Sydney.

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