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Addington Easter Saturday on Trackside 2


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Just another example of the harness game in NZ being treated like the retarded ginger cousin. 

No way in hell this crazy decision, to stick the meeting on Trackside 2 is going to help turnover. 

Where are the leaders of the code, going into bat for the good of the sport? 

Is Gary Woodham too busy preparing recipes for baked ham again, or passing comments to the fairer sex about their pants (or lack of), or eyeing up how they sit in a sulky?


Noone seems to give a stuff about harness getting shafted like this repeatedly, but it matters, and should be addressed. 

Also Trackside could come out and give an explanation. But they won't. It's b.s. 

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12 hours ago, Rusty said:

Just another example of the harness game in NZ being treated like the retarded ginger cousin. 

Starts at 1.30 and goes to 6.53pm for the last race, they will have to turn the lights on for the last couple. 

Why not start earlier, it is on Trackside 2 after all

As for Monday, there are 40 min gaps to start the day until the middle of the card. Work that out. The crowd won't see many races as they disappear at about 4pm. Who will remain for the last race at 5.24? Somebody needs to remind them daylight saving has finished.


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I haven't seen the turnover for Addington, but one would think it was through the floorboards.

It was one of few Addington meetings that I didn't attend. What was the "crowd" like there yesterday? Let me guess. One couldn't get a seat, and had to queue for hours to get a drink and take a slash? 

A move back to an evening timeslot would give the opportunity for more to attend, as currently, people try and cram everything into the Saturday day time, sandwiched between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. No doubt it would get the on and off-course turnover up, than sticking to the status quo of a daytime time slot, and stuck on Trackside 2. 

But harness racing administers, and a lot of its followers, just go "meh" and carry on their way. One day they will wake up. Or maybe they won't.

But until they do, it's death by a thousand cuts. 

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