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Summer - Autumn Super Draft Comp - Round 17 - Sat May 6 - entries here please


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ROUND 17 - Sat May 6

The penultimate round of the comp sees us take in 4 venues just to keep you all on your toes. Sure to be wet tracks in NZ and quite possibly at both our Aussie venues.

Just 4 teams left that can win the comp and none are meeting in this round. The Reapers and Kelly's Heroes each have a regular Joker left. I get the feeling the Reapers will hold off to play it at the Factory showdown on the last day but The Heroes may well fancy their chances against the Believers. The Coyotes have a better aggregate than the table leaders and an upset against The Reapers may be on the cards.

Elsewhere the Desperados face an in-form Max Factory work force but simply need to get a result and preferably a big one against Max's lot. The Desperados are in a tricky situation where their only chance to play their Triple Joker is in the final round against Kelly's Heroes - but only if the Heroes remain above them. If the Heroes lose to the Believers and the Desperados score a significant win over the Maxis then that possibility may evaporate !

Finally longshot hopes The Dream Team simply have to score a big win against the luckless Ramones to stay in contention. The Ramones have the dreaded Wooden Spoon destiny hanging over their head so plenty of motivation for that reason. That won't be easy. The Union Jacks choice of a Bye Round match to take on looks a thorny one.

HTH of the day ? Not easy to pick but Tom & Craig have each won 8 matches and look evenly matched. Should be a good one. Graeme and Magnificent Seven member Antz have 19 wins between them and that clash should also be a beauty....

Lastly an observation: The top two teams - The Reapers & Kelly's Heroes are strongly represented in the Serendipitous Six while the out-of-contention Union Jacks and Believers are likewise in The Unfortunate Five category. Probably indicative of how the comp has gone for these 4 teams


Close off at 11.00 a.m. (NZ time) - note the early start !

Races are:

1. Riccarton R1 - 12.00pm - Riccarton Park Function Centre Great Autumn Hdcp - $35k, 2600m, R81 hdcp

2. Riccarton R3 - 1.05pm - Angus Meats - $30k, 2000m, R65 BM

3. Te Rapa R5 - 1.58pm - Shaws Wire Ropes Sprint - $35k, 1200m, open hdcp

4. Te Rapa R6 - 2.32pm - Waikato Veterinary Centre 2YO Stks (LR) - $65k, 1200m, 2yos SWs

5. Riccarton R7 - 3.23pm - Daphne Bannon Memorial Great Easter Stks (LR) - $65k, 1400m, open hdcp

6. Morphettville R4 - 4.02pm - D C McKay Stks (Gr3) - $127k, 1100m, qlty hdcp

7. Morphettville R6 - 5.15pm - Queen of the South Stks (Gr2) - $202k, 1600m, fillies/mares SWs+Ps

8. Morphettville R7 - 5.55pm - Furphy Robert Sangster Stks (Gr1) - $502k, 1200m, fillies/mares WFA

9. Morphettville R8 - 6.35pm - Tobin Bronze Stks (Gr2) - $202k, 1200m, 3yos SWs

10. Sunshine Coast R7 - 7.00pm - TAB A. D. Hollindale Stks (Gr2) - $500k, 1800m, WFA


COYOTES (5th) vs REAPERS (1st)

Graeme (10/4-3816.80/2639.80) v Antz (9/5-4380.40/2771.20)

Ray (7/7-3871.20/2978.00) v Tassie Tiger (7/7-3195.80/2671.60)

Rees (7/7-3371.20/3446.40) v Hesi (9/5-3691.20/2323.80)

Maria (5/9-4274.40/3795.00) v Moose (9/5-3345.80/2244.00)

Craig (8/6-4019.20/3144.80) v Tom (8/6-3917.40/2935.40)



Blind Squirrel (7/8-3369.80/3177.60) v Gordy (7/7-3490.60/2522.80)

Trotslover (5/10-3490.20/4117.80) v Roland (7/7-4636.40/2420.80)

Smiler (5/10-3045.80/3523.60) v Heather (7/5-3117.80/2627.00)

Robert (6/9-3495.00/4355.60) v Wrinkles (9/5-5358.00/2579.00)

Lightning Blue (7/8-3814.20/3937.60) v Gary (6/4-2788.60/1961.20)



Harewood (8/6-3088.20/2530.60) v Maurice (9/5-4171.60/3254.00)

Rob (7/7-2885.60/3023.20) v Sharne (6/8-3249.40/2542.40)

Max (7/7-2804.60/2617.20) v Secret Squirrel (7/7-3112.20/3248.60)

Pam (4/10-2852.60/3008.40) v Pete (1/1-312.00/319.00)

Jen (4/10-2571.80/2836.00) v Mike (8/6-3523.40/2988.60)


DREAM TEAM (4th) vs RAMONES (8th)

Ian (8/6-3450.60/3330.80) v Sarah (4/10-3014.60/3071.20)

Stevie N (7/7-3178.80/3243.40) v Jason (6/8-2545.20/2911.40)

PJ (9/5-3561.20/2476.40) v Steve P (7/7-3328.40/3442.20)

Ziggy (7/7-2680.80/2228.80) v Richie (11/3-4190.20/2891.40)

Howie (7/7-3414.00/2796.80) v Mardy (3/11-3121.80/5313.40)

Bye: UNION JACKS (6th)

Geoff (7/8-3832.20/4130.80)

Jack (5/10-2690.60/3762.80)

Gee (7/8-4094.20/2645.20)

Punter Pete (9/6-4096.60/3557.60)

Tonka (7/8-3472.60/4549.80)



5358.00 Wrinkles (Kelly's Heroes) (9/5)

4636.40 Roland (Kelly's Heroes) (7/7)

4380.40 Antz (Reapers) (9/5)

4274.40 Maria (Coyotes) (5/9)

4190.20 Richie (Ramones) (11/3)

4171.60 Maurice (Desperados) (9/5)

4096.60 Punter Pete (Union Jacks) (9/6)


THE SERENDIPITOUS SIX (those with the least $$ scored against them)

Gordy (7/7-2522.80) (Kelly's Heroes)

PJ (9/5-2476.40) (Dream Team)

Roland (7/7-2420.80) (Kelly's Heroes)

Hesi (9/5-2323.80) (Reapers)

Moose (9/5-2244.00) (Reapers)

Ziggy (7/7-2228.80) (Dream Team)


THE UNFORTUNATE FIVE (those with the most $$ scored against them)

Trotslover (5/10-4117.80) (Believers)

Geoff (7/8-4130.80) (Union Jacks)

Robert (6/9-4355.60) (Believers)

Tonka (7/8-4549.80) (Union Jacks)

Mardy (3/11-5313.40) (Ramones)


Table after Round 16

1st 41 Reapers $18,530.00

2nd 40 Kelly's Heroes $19,940.20

3rd 36 Desperados* $17,823.20

4th 35 Dream Team*^ $15,831.80

---- can't win the Championship below this line-------------------

5th 26 Coyotes^* $19,332.40

6th 24 Union Jacks* $18,158.00

7th 23 Believers^* $17,135.00

8th 15 Ramones*^ $16,165.00

9th 15 Max Factory*^ $14,192.80

^ Triple Joker play

* Double Joker play

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PWJ , I am locked out for everything except this link. Just (1) One week to go.

Robert , Good Luck To You And Your Fellow Team Believers Members 


Race 1 - 4,6

Race 2 - 3,6       b/b 

Race 3 - 3,5  

Race 4 - 1,4   

Race 5 - 2,8 

Race 6 - 1,6 

Race 7 - 7,16  

Race 8 - 1,6  

Race 9 - 1,14  

Race 10 - 7,14      b/b   


Robert , Good luck to you.

Go The Magic Team Kelly's Heroes.

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