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Summer - Autumn Super Draft Comp - Round 18 (FINAL) - Sat May 13 - entries here please


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ROUND 18 (FINAL) - Sat May 13 (unlucky for some...)

Well here we are at long last - the big showdown. Even without a Finals Series we are down to any of 3 top teams that can take out the Championship.

The Reapers lead into the home straight clutching a Joker but are facing a seriously rejuvenated Max Factory lineup. The other two winning hopes - The Desperados and Kelly's Heroes - face off in what will be an enthralling contest. The Heroes have a 4 point cushion over their opponents and are only two points off the lead but need Max's crew to disarm The Reapers and repel the challenge presented by Sharne and crew whose Desperados - true to their name - have their faith in a Triple Joker play that could see them rocket home to victory over top of the other two teams. EVERYONE will be watching this contest.

In the Desperados/Heroes clash two of the top four Magnificent Seven - Maurice & Roland - come face-to-face while the Top Scorers from both The Reapers and Max Factory - Antz and Harewood - also clash in a personal head-to-head.

Elsewhere the Ramones take on the Union Jacks in an attempt to avoid the Wooden Spoon by carving out a better points finish than Max Factory while the Dream Team are chasing Bronze when they take on the Coyotes who are embroiled in a 3-way go with the Union Jacks and Believers for 5th place. Again, the Bye Round presents no obvious choice for the Believers to choose which match they will take on.


We kick off in Enzed on what will likely be a wet and soggy Arawa Park before heading to Doomben where it is currently a Soft 5 but with no rain expected until Saturday, with a one-off detour to Adelaide for their Derby. The last comp race looks to have 16 winning chances - a fitting finish for what has been a great comp.

Are the wuffie Kings and Queens going to come to the fore on the final day or will the form hold up. Who knows ? Choose well and good luck !


Close off at 11.59 a.m. (NZ time)

Races are:

1. Rotorua R3 - 12.59pm - Arawa Park Hotel Rotorua 1215 - $30k, 1215m, R65 BM

2. Rotorua R4 - 1.34pm - Macmillan Accountants 1560 - $30k, 1560m, R75 BM

3. Rotorua R5 - 2.18pm - Campbell Infrastructure Rotorua Cup (LR) - $85k, 2200m, open hdcp

4. Rotorua R6 - 2.53pm - Donna Fleming Memorial 2200 - $30k, 2200m, R65 BM

5. Rotorua R7 - 3.28pm - Rotorua ITM Stks (LR) - $85k, 1400m, WFA

6. Doomben R5 - 4.08pm - Spirit of Boom Classic (Gr2) - $300k, 1200m, 2yos SWs

7. Doomben R6 - 4.43pm - JRA Chairman's Hdcp (Gr3) - $200k, 2000m, qlty hdcp

8. Morphettville R7 - 5.42pm - Thomas Farms South Australian Derby (Gr1) - $502k, 2500m, 3yos SWs

9. Doomben R8 - 6.02pm - Ladbrokes Doomben 10,000 (Gr1) - $1.5m, 1200m, WFA

10. Doomben R9 - 6.38pm - Magic Millions Bright Shadow (LR) - $160k, 1110m, fillies/mares qlty hdcp



Secret Squirrel (8/7-3321.80/3396.60) v Gary (7/4-3097.00/2179.20)

Maurice (9/6-4591.20/3573.60) v Roland (7/8-4636.40/2452.80)

Pete (1/2-471.00/585.00) v Heather (7/6-3227.80/2911.00)

Sharne (6/9-3414.40/2870.00) v Gordy (7/8-3654.60/2947.80)

Mike (8/7-3775.00/3240.20) v Wrinkles (9/6-5675.60/2952.00)


MAX FACTORY (9th) vs REAPERS* (1st)

Rob (8/7-3213.20/3188.20) v Tassie Tiger (7/8-3392.40/3125.40)

Max (7/8-2952.60/2826.80) v Hesi (10/5-4089.20/2339.80)

Pam (5/10-3118.60/3167.40) v Tom (8/7-3917.20/3212.40)

Harewood (9/6-3507.80/2850.20) v Antz (9/6-4652.80/3129.40)

Jen (5/10-2827.60/3087.60) v Moose (10/5-3767.80/2433.00)

DREAM TEAM (4th) vs COYOTES (5th)

Ian (8/7-3720.40/3609.40) v Graeme (11/4-4175.00/2912.20)

PJ (9/6-3722.80/2686.40) v Maria (5/10-4463.40/4217.00)

Stevie N (7/8-3264.80/3423.40) v Ray (8/7-4325.00/3174.60)

Howie (7/8-3571.00/3037.80) v Craig (9/6-4296.20/3144.80)

Ziggy (7/8-2735.80/2582.80) v Rees (7/8-3387.20/3844.40)


UNION JACKS (6th) vs RAMONES (8th)

Tonka (7/8-4158.20/4549.80) v Sarah (5/10-3293.20/3341.00)

Geoff (7/8-4041.20/4130.80) v Jason (7/8-2725.20/2997.40)

Gee (7/8-4191.20/2645.20) v Richie (12/3-4544.20/2946.40)

Jack (5/10-2894.20/3762.80) v Mardy (4/11-3362.80/5470.40)

Punter Pete (9/6-4411.00/3557.60) v Steve P (8/7-3538.40/3603.80)


Bye: BELIEVERS (7th)

Robert (7/9-3868.00/4673.20)

Trotslover (6/10-3522.20/4117.80)

Blind Squirrel (8/8-3794.80/3341.60)

Smiler (6/10-3329.80/3633.60)

Lightning Blue (7/9-4032.20/4246.00)



5675.60 Wrinkles (Kelly's Heroes) (9/6)

4652.80 Antz (Reapers) (9/6)

4636.40 Roland (Kelly's Heroes) (7/8)

4591.20 Maurice (Desperados) (9/6)

4544.20 Richie (Ramones) (12/3)

4463.40 Maria (Coyotes) (5/10)

4411.00 Punter Pete (Union Jacks) (9/6)


THE SERENDIPITOUS SIX (those with the least $$ scored against them)

PJ (9/6-2686.40) (Dream Team)

Gee (7/8-2645.20 (Union Jacks)

Ziggy (7/8-2582.80) (Dream Team)

Roland (7/8-2452.80) (Kelly's Heroes)

Moose (10/5-2433.00) (Reapers)

Hesi (10/5-2339.80) (Reapers)


THE UNFORTUNATE FIVE (those with the most $$ scored against them)

Maria (5/10-4217.00) (Coyotes)

Lightning Blue (7/9-4246.00) (Believers)

Tonka (7/8-4549.80) (Union Jacks)

Robert (7/9-4673.20) (Believers)

Mardy (4/11-5470.40) (Ramones)


Table after Round 17

1st 41 Reapers $19,819.00

2nd 40 Kelly's Heroes* $20,840.20

3rd 36 Desperados* $18,918.00

---- can't win the Championship below this line-------------------

4th 35 Dream Team*^ $16,561.20

5th 28 Coyotes^* $20,626.40

6th 27 Union Jacks* $19,668.00

7th 27 Believers^* $18,467.00

8th 19 Ramones*^ $17,428.60

9th 19 Max Factory*^ $15,609.80

^ Triple Joker play

* Double Joker play

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