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HRNZ Board Coup?


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If it looks like a coup and the Press release suggests some have been rolled then it might be a coup. Either way Holden has been appointed Chair The press release has not got an authors name but what i took from it was this part.

There is a significant level of uncertainty that we need to address as quickly as possible, and in an upfront and transparent manner.

Would that be a first in our industry?

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9 hours ago, Globederby19 said:

It would ,but it won't happen. As someone else said on another site it's just" rearranging the deckchairs". 


On 6/8/2023 at 10:03 AM, Addington said:

it might be a coup

A coup implies a revolution, I don't think any part of the harness racing fraternity feels that this will make any difference at all. 

All I hear are crickets.

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Recall reading about Holden when researched HRNZ board. Wasnt impressed. Dont think he is the right person to be on board let alone Chair it. Didnt think previous Chair was right fit either for Chair of board. 

Most of these people are just too out of touch & havent really been movers or shakers. 

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