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Does anyone know of Sebas Farm and a Thoroughbred stallion called Esquire (1979)?


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Hi there, I am seeking information and photos of the Stallion Esquire (1979),


He was born at Widden Stud AU and travelled to NZ in the early 90's


He is the sire of my horse who I had for 14 years till his passing in 2015. I have searched and searched and never found a photo of Esquire which is very saddening as I would love to see what he looked like and learn information about him


years ago I wrote to Widden and they replied saying they did not have a photo of him but they sent me by mail glossy photos of Vain which is my horses Grandsire which was the most awesome gesture from them.


I bought every Thoroughbred Stallion book I could but no photo was found. I found a bio of Esquire in the New Zealand Register of Thoroughbred Stallions one time but that was all I could find.


When looking at horses paired with Esquire on the online stud book the name H J Parslow comes up a lot. Does anyone know this person as they definitely will remember Esquire? Maybe they are associated with Sebas?,


Any help at all will be wonderful


Thank you













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7 hours ago, Hesi said:

I've pinned this so someone like PWJ sees it, thanks

Thank you so much, I have had a huge success I posted on a Whanganui page and all these people came in that worked at Sebas Farm. One lady said she had photos of him but they were in storage then another lady reached out and outright posted photos of Esquire on the thread❤️ I have been searching for his photo for 22 years. I was so overwhelmed crying, I thought I would never see him.

They told me what a nice nature he had and how good he was to handle. Today was a good day.


still if anyone see's my post here and has stories to tell and photos to share I think I have a bit of an Esquire addiction now and would love to know more😉


thank you for wanting to help🌻





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7 hours ago, Maximus said:

Sebas Farm appears as a purchaser at the recent Weanling/Broodmare Sales...'Manawatu-Whanganui' area, so an enquiry to NZ Thoroughbred Breeders might help if you don't get an answer from this site.



Thank you so much, I reached out to a Whanganui page and Esquire's photo's were sent to me by a lady who used to work at Sebas Farm❤️ I never in my dreams thought I would ever see his photo. I am extremely happy

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