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City of Auckland Cup Start Debacle


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Courtesy of our friends on the other channel, thanks.

I have to agree with Thommo here

Why were the stipes not hauled over the coals, for allowing the 2 starters to continue to not follow standard procedure, as per the Starting manual, when they had been warned back in April

Auckland Racing Club - Wednesday 1 January 2020

posted Feb 1, 2020, 10:14 PM by Veronica Algar   [ updated Feb 1, 2020, 10:14 PM ]


Race 8 - SkyCity City Of Auckland Cup (Group 3) An inquiry has been concluded into the circumstances surrounding a false start being declared after a start to this race was effected when one runner, being the horse PINMEDOWN, had yet to be loaded into its barrier stall.
The finding of the investigation was that the Starter Mr T Harrison in pressing the start button had failed to obtain an all clear (that the final runner had been loaded, all gates were closed and a start may be effected) from the Assistant Starter as required in the NZTR Starter’s Manual and in addition had failed to follow a previous direction of the Stipendiary Stewards that in a circumstance involving one or two runners the race should be allowed to proceed with those runners able to be declared non-starters.
Mr Harrison was initially stood down from further starting duties and as he has subsequently resigned from his position as Starter employed by a number of Northern Region Clubs the Stipendiary Stewards will be taking no further action.
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