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A few comments on NYD racing


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1.  Having been to Ellerslie many times to see the Queen Elizabeth, what a miserable field that was.  A cause for lament, when thinking back to the fields of 18 mostly high-class horses that used to line up.  And it was for a stake of 220K

2.  The Sir Patrick Hogan Stakes (Royal Stakes).  Sir Patrick would have been turning in his grave at such a miserable collection of fillies, all for 225K and a G2.  None of the top 3 fillies, for some reason Orchestral started in the 80K race, only 1 of the top 10 fillies.  What is the point.  Maybe the Karaka 3 year old million has stuffed yet another race, and the SPH race now becomes irrelevant.  Why start in a 2050m race, when your target is a 1600m race in 4 weeks for a mil

3.  NYD was probably the richest race day overall that we have had in NZ(175K average stake per race), notwithstanding the big sweepstake day and the days when some idiot would put up 1 and 2 million for races.  Soon to be usurped by Derby Day and Auckland Cup Day.  So, on reflection, the fields were in the main poor.

4.  The Railway, a field of competent sprinters, but certainly no stars.  I thought we were breeding sprinters these days, certainly not stayers.

5.  Pukekohe sufficed, but nothing like getting back to Ellerslie, and with all the changes in NZ racing, could we hope for an infield and boot parties and picnics and even a little bit of BYO, but only a little bit so no one decides to run onto the track - why would you.

6.  And I know they can't, because they would get fired, but some hard hitting objective comment on the shortcomings, instead of the fawning sycophancy

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