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Not the horse ones sorry

Sorry it is not in the General Chat section, nobody reads that

From someone who worked as an industrial chemist for 20 years, on many of these things

1.  Bar soap for washing your hands at home is the most effective and cheapest way of killing viruses, basically rips them apart, but not convenient to use away from home

2.  Bleach, probably the best for killing viruses, but too harsh to use on your hands, but fine for surfaces, if you can handle the bleach smell.  Plain old home brand bleaches are identical to branded ones like Janola.  Buy a spray pack of Exit Mould, and when it is empty, just refill it with ordinary bleach, it is exactly the same thing.  You just have to make sure you use an Exit Mould trigger pack as the working parts in the spray unit are bleach resistant

3.  Antiseptics.  Most contain 1% Benzalkonium Chloride, which is the identical chemical used in Wet and Forget.  If you have some, it is 20% strength, so just dilute it down by a factor of 20x.  If you wanted to have an effective hard surface spray cleaner for a whole range of surfaces, you could also just put some Wet and Forget diluted down to 1-2% in a household trigger sprayer, drop in a squeeze of dishwashing liquid if you wanted a bit of nice smell

4.  Alcohol.  Contained in all the hand sanitisers, but you need it at 70% plus to work effectively on viruses.      A source of alcohol, you may not be aware of is methylated spirits.  It is 95% alcohol(ethanol) and 5% methanol, with a little bit of dye.  But whatever you do, don't drink it, as the methanol will kill you if you take enough.

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