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The Race Place

First Main Sat Racing Wrap


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Mid Winter racing and while no stars, great good sized even fields.  Punters must love that.  Most of the big stables had horses in, I can't recall seeing Roger James there.  Quite enjoyable all round

So much for the predictions, that there would not be enough horses, can't get them fit, they'll be off to Aus etc etc.

It shows, despite all the issues, just how resilient NZ racing is.

The powers that be, wherever or whoever they may be, have an obligation to the grassroots industry to run it on a lot more responsible and professional basis, out of respect for all those that have contributed over so many years, it is not their plaything.

Funding to the industry, is being held at $136.9 mil.  We have yet to see the forecasted budgets on how this is arrived at.  Hopefully they will run a tight ship, whoever they is, and provide regular updates on progress, so one and all can scrutinise, not the hidden, lack of transparency that has typified the last 12-18 months

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