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Reefton 14/3

Happy Sunrise

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Quite like this one as she represents value.

Hello Adele at 11 and 3.30 is a good each way bet in Race 10.

She ran well on Friday in a much tougher race (R40 to 54) from a stand to be only 5.6L from Sport Mental. She is off the unruly in stands and was not even in the picture at the start (see photo below) goodness knows how far away she was because it took ages for her to get in the picture. She made up plenty of ground and wasn't stretched in doing so shouldn't have been knocked around. Another notable fact is she was out the back of the field with Songbird but beat her home. Songbird is paying 4.20ff in another tougher race. Previously, Hello Adele showed plenty of gate speed at Nelson against strong maiden fields so should be handy early, if not lead. The grass and mobile is her go.

She has 4 favs inside but represent no value. Malinka will be fav from one but she has had plenty of chances like the others.

Hello Adele did start in this race, she just didn't start with the field!  


Into picture 10 seconds after start.


Not pushed at the finish









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2 hours ago, ngakonui grass said:

I'd be surprised if Dick Fosbury could clear the crossing today.Some of those drivers must have ended up with their breakfast in theirs mouths.

It is not good enough, especially considering the track is barely used.

At least it is Motukarara next week so the dreary leader bias will take a break for a week.

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