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Hi everyone. EPL starts this coming weekend and once again I have set up a draft league for us to have some fun with. If you haven't played before it's very simple.

The draft takes place on Thursday at 9.00pm (oz time) which is 10.00pm (NZ time). You can participate live (just like the Super comp drafts on here) or select your draft list prior to the draft and go to bed and wake up to your new team for 2021.

Here is the link:


Hit the "join now" button and follow the simple instructions to register. If you have played before you simply enter your log-in details. Once registered, look for the "Join a league" tab and then enter the league code below:


You get to select which ever players you like - there are no player values to fit into your salary cap. You have to select 17 players including 4 defenders, 4 midfielders and 2 forwards plus a goalie. After that you can select 6 additional squad players from any position. 

It's a head-to-head competition so once the draw is over you will be matched against an opponent for the weekend's first round. 12 teams will participate. Be good if we can have most of these from Raceplace. 

Each round you can choose to sell any player(s) you wish and replace them with any player(s) from the "free agent pool". 

A little advice. If you are going to preselect a draft list and not attend the live draft (or choose to only watch) then you probably should select about 50 players for each outfield position plus about a dozen goalkeepers to ensure you get who you want. The pre-draft selection board is easy to use.

Let me know on here if you join. Nice to know who we are up against. 

Although it's a season-long comp it only requires about 10 minutes max of your time each week to check on your team. I know we have a number of EPL fans on here. Imagine you get first pick in the draft and can choose between Harry Kane, Kevin de Bruyne or Mo Salah ?

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