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3 minutes ago, Hesi said:

What is going on with this horse

It is in today at Hawera, as a hot fave, so won't start at Te Rapa tomorrow, where it is FO favourite, so prices will drop substantially when it is scratched.  Punters are therefore not going to bet FO on this race

No emergencies, so you can bet based on an approx 23% deduction. If those odds are better than your assessment, then you could still bet - just factor in the deduction. 

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As an aside, a horse we have been talking about in regards the melbourne cup, Dashing Willoughby. He is down to run today in the Wyong Gold Cup. He is also entered for the Chelmsford tomorrow (and not out as yet). They may be waiting to see if something happens where they might late scratch today - giving them a second option.

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Just now, Hesi said:

Imagine the shambles it would be if more trainers did this, accepting for 3 races over 2 days

It happens. This weekend there are a number of double acceptors. One runner, Plenty was a triple acceptor across two meetings (scratched from just one of those currently).

There are 109 horses they hold two acceptances this weekend. (Some may have been scratched as I don't deal with those until the day). That's for oz, nz, uk, ire.

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