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Addington (Father's Day)


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Race 10 (4.42pm) - #10 Beyond The Horizon, top 4 at $2.50.

I think this is worth a go. Just like Father's Day, you always know what you're going to get (I got a card and chocolates this morning!).

This trotter is no star, and doesn't win out of turn, but you know what is going to happen. The old boy will be safely away, and put in an OK run, and be there or thereabouts. Which in the trotter's R40-R49 grade, is half the battle. 

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34 minutes ago, craigos1 said:

I only like the one today Rusty.

Unfortunately in the same race!

4:42 R10 17 Mighty Flying Rocker @ 12

Yeah, bit of an unusual meeting, where not much really stood out, despite 12 races. 

All good, thanks for the tip, I will go for the 10 & 17 quinella! 

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Just now, Happy Sunrise said:

You don't see that too often, a horse breaking at the 600 for seemingly no reason.

Was going ok, up until that point too

Perhaps a shadow? 

I was following Artatac over the winter, but didn't like the skinny odds today, due to the stand start. It has previously chalked up some impressive sectionals (stridemaster). 

Right. Turn the page.

Anything in the last anyone? 

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