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Ellerslie Protestors


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The question to be asked, is will there be more people outside the course than inside:classic_smile:

Anti-horse racing protesters to demonstrate outside Ellerslie Racecourse

  • 1 hour ago
Anti-horse racing protestors will be waving placards outside Auckland's Ellerslie Racecourse on Saturday. 

They're aiming to put the spotlight on alleged animal cruelty within the industry as punters head to Spring Race Day. 

Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses (CPR) spokesperson Aya Oba said the group was upset after the death of a horse in Whanganui last Thursday.

Seven-year-old gelding Guy Fox was euthanised after suffering a fall during the 3000m hurdles race. His jockey was uninjured in the incident, but another rider received leg injuries.

Oba told Newshub the incident was traumatic.

"The horse had an injury then got killed. I'm not angry - it's just very sad. They're treated like a 'thing'."

Oba also says the group will try to bring attention to the issue of live exportation of horses, and training horses too young leading to injuries.

 "Live horses get exported to China and the US... exporting horses is just cruel."

Protesters will stand outside Ellerslie Racecourse at the corner of Green Ln East and Ascot Ave holding placards.

New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing CEO Bernard told Newshub Guy Fox's death was a "freak accident" and upsetting for those connected to the horse.

"We reject any suggestion that the welfare of our horses is not of paramount importance to our license holders," he said. 


"There are rules in place to address any breaches of our welfare standards. If the CPR was serious about its welfare claims why did it not make a submission when our updated equine welfare guidelines were put out for feedback?"

Saundry said horses are exported to a number of racing and breeding jurisdictions and there are arrangements in place to ensure animal welfare.



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