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Waikato Cup


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ll I was thinking of going along this Sat.

But honestly this fucking club has forgotten its bloody owners, not a single communication about owners and cup day.

Its $30 to get into the grandstand, what where how for owners, not a bloody thing, I sent an email asking for more info, got told it was coming this week. Well the week is nearly over and by now I honestly cant be fucked going along.

Is it any wonder this industry is down the toilet, through no fault of mine or the clubs we have been denied any value for membership this yr, but ffs look after those whom support you.

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Send them another email

They are hardly under achievers running the club.  KFE, say no more, and Butch Castles.

The Waikato Cup, is still a piss poor field though.  David Greene is a Waikato trainer, why isn't he supporting the club, with his 2

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