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Autumn NPC Comp - Round 7 selection thread - Sat Apr 30


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ROUND 7 (FINAL) - Sat Apr 30

 This is it ! Grand Final Day !

The Magpies are in the box seat and can guarantee they are Champions with a 4 point win (given the aggregate chasm) - that's a win with two bonus points (so 5-zip without a profit or 4-1 with a team profit).  However they face no easy task as they take on a Turbos side which bounced back in style downing the Swampies last week with a Joker play in tow after a pasting from the Highlanders the week before.

The 'Pies main opposition is of course those tough Southern lads - the Highlanders - whose form may be tailing off, going down to the previous "tail-end charlies" The Blues last week. Quite simply their task is to score 3 points more than The Magpies this week to take out the Championship (barring a Swampies miracle) so they will be cheering for those Manawatu lads at every turn.

The Swamp Foxes are 7 points off the lead but with a J2 Joker in their arsenal they have the potential to rack up 10 points. Given their aggregate is actually superior to that of the Magpies, a 4 point haul (double to 8 ) may be enough to take down the 'Pies.  Their opposition is the deceptive Ferdies side who are only firing on 3 cylinders (with two members utterly out of form and about to be sent to the Waitara freezing works) but go into the last day with a mathematical chance of winning ! Baffling bovines for sure...

The Ferdies are 100/1 needing the Magpies & Highlanders to lose horribly while the 'Naki need to gun down the Swamp Foxes to the tune of 5-zip with a ridiculous team profit aggregate score at least $1600 better than the Magpies !! 

The last match is the usually spiky Battle of Wellsford featuring the comp's two most disappointing sides: the Blues and the cellar-dwelling Kauri Kats. Not many points between them but massive pride and bragging rights are up for grabs. The Captains themselves, champion sledgers in their own right, get to slog it out on a personal level in a head-to-head to make it even more interesting. Just who will end the comp with their tail between their legs ? Answers on a postcard please !

This week we encounter an almost guaranteed dry track at Te Rapa and avoid the tricky Victoria/NSW tracks and head off to sunny Brisbane and end the comp wrapped up against a cold Southerly at Adelaide's Morphettville track. Form study needed for sure.

Best wishes from everyone to Rex.

Can the "King" reclaim his title as the Head Honcho of the Magnificent Seven ? We shall see...

Good luck everyone !

Selections Close off at 12.09 p.m. (NZ time)

Races are:

1. Te Rapa R2 - 1.09pm - Cambridge Raceway 1400 - $35k, 1400m, open hdcp

2. Te Rapa R4 - 2.14pm - Hutton Contracting 2400 - $30k, 2400m, R74 BM

3. Te Rapa R5 - 2.47pm - Inglis Sales Cambridge Breeders' Stks (Gr3) - $80k, 1200m, 3yos SWs

4. Te Rapa R6 - 3.22pm - Cambridge Equine Hospital 1200 - $30k, 1200m, R74 BM

5. Te Rapa R7 - 3.57pm - Travis Stks (Gr2) - $110k, 2000m, WFA fillies/mares

6. Morphettville R5 - 4.42pm - Breeders' Stks (Gr3) - $127k, 1200m, 2yos SWs

7. Eagle Farm R7 - 5.02pm - Treasury Brisbane Queensland Guineas (Gr2) - $350k, 1600m, 3yos SWs

8. Morphettville R6 - 5.22pm - Chairman's Stks (Gr3) - $127k, 2000m, 3yos SWs

9. Eagle Farm R8 - 5.42pm - TAB Victory Stks (Gr2) - $250k, 1200m, WFA

10. Morphettville R7 - 6.02pm - Grand Syndicates Australasian Oaks (Gr1) - $502k, 2000m, 3yo fillies SWs

N.B. Pleased note the updates will carry very limited commentary on Saturday with only a 20 minute gap between the Oz races. This is so I can provide as many extrapolations as possible


MAGPIES (1st) vs TURBOS (5th)

Jamison (2/4-1199.20/1610.00) v Steve P (4/2-1210.80/844.60)

Ian (3/3-1364.20/1158.20) v Ziggy (1/5-710.40/1351.80)

Richie (4/2-1575.20/1156.20) v Ray (3/3-1298.80/1599.60)

Stevie N (4/2-825.80/960.80) v Gary (2/4-896.80/974.80)

Secret Squirrel (4/2-1933.00/847.40) v Blind Squirrel (3/3-911.00/675.20)


FERDIES (3rd) vs SWAMP FOXES** (4th)

Heather (5/1-1534.40/1100.00) v Punter Pete (3/3-1526.00/1389.40)

Tom (5/1-1579.60/857.20) v Maria (2/4-1462.40/1060.80)

Maurice (1/5-554.60/906.00) v Harewood (2/4-1158.00/1125.80)

Zac (3/3-1361.60/1608.40) v Robert (4/2-2075.20/1680.80)

PJ (3/3-577.60/1433.40) v Rees (3/3-1680.40/1155.60)


HIGHLANDERS (2nd) vs CHIEFS** (6th)

Hesi (3/3-1195.00/1275.80) v Gee (4/2-2118.00/1359.60)

Rex (4/2-1238.00/633.60) v Smiler (2/4-618.00/1275.80)

Midnight Caller (2/4-674.20/1577.40) v Our Maizcay (5/1-1313.80/699.00)

Craig (4/2-883.20/1415.80) v Trotslover (3/3-671.60/1181.60)

Rob (3/3-1160.00/1012.40) v Jack (3/3-1212.60/1012.80)


BLUES (7th) vs KAURI KATS*** (8th)

Howie (4/2-1388.80/1170.00)  v Max (2/4-1161.00/1459.80)

Pete (2/4-865.20/1576.40) v Jen (3/3-1207.00/1287.20)

Gordy (4/2-1562.20/1152.80) v Pam (3/3-1879.40/1370.40)

Roland (2/4-988.20/1051.00) v Sharne (3/3-1188.60/1949.20)

Geoff (2/4-960.40/1218.20) v Graeme (1/5-1485.00/1849.40)



2118.00 Gee (Chiefs) (4/2)

2075.20 Robert (Swamp Foxes) (4/2)

1933.00 Secret Squirrel (Magpies) (4/2)

1879.40 Pam (Kauri Kats) (3/3)

1680.40 Rees (Swamp Foxes) (3/3)

1579.60 Tom (Ferdies) (5/1)

1575.20 Richie (Magpies) (4/2)


THE SERENDIPITOUS SIX (those with the least $$ scored against them)

Tom (5/1-857.20) (Ferdies)

Secret Squirrel (4/2-847.40) (Magpies)

Steve P (4/2-844.60) (Turbos)

Our Maizcay (5/1-699.00) (Chiefs)

Blind Squirrel (3/3-675.20) (Turbos)

Rex (4/2-633.60) (Highlanders)


THE UNFORTUNATE FIVE (those with the most $$ scored against them)

Zac (3/3-1608.40) (Ferdies)

Jamison (2/4-1610.00) (Magpies)

Robert (4/2-1680.80) (Swamp Foxes)

Graeme (1/5-1849.40) (Kauri Kats)

Sharne (3/3-1949.20) (Kauri Kats)


TABLE with one round remaining

1st 22 Magpies (J2/J3) $7164.20

2nd 20 Highlanders (J2/J3) $4900.60

3rd 17 Ferdies (J2/J3) $5607.80

4th 15 Swamp Foxes (J3) $7929.00

-----only teams above this line can win the comp-----------

5th 13 Turbos (J2/J3) $5027.80 

6th 11 Chiefs (J3) $5934.00

7th 8 Blues (J2/J3) $5975.60

8th 4 Kauri Kats (J2) $6920.00

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