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The Race Place

Race 1 Addington

Happy Sunrise

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Didnt watch. But will answer your question. Looking at replay & yes looks like 2 people in mobile. 1 dressed in a bright florescent jacket & another in a brown sweater. 

Now your turn to answer my question 😀

Check out the Lincoln Farms article I posted on High Flying Harry thread. Do you think the author had a point in comparsion to High Flying Harry Drive?

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13 hours ago, Rusty said:

To my untrained eye the mobile is going a bit faster than normal immediately prior to the release point at the 1980m, making it very difficult for the outside horses to be up on the arm at the start. 

Thought this maybe a new manuevour introduced, that I had missed out on recently lol. 

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23 hours ago, Happy Sunrise said:

Was the starter in the mobile vehicle for this race?

Asking for a friend.

Pretty sure it was the Auckland starter, Mr Phelan saying "Riiiiiiiggght" last night.

He soon got the hang of the speed of the mobile, and by all accounts they weren't going the wrong way (the Auckland way) round the track. 

Good stuff. 

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22 hours ago, Gospel Of Judas said:

That Race one looked interesting re start...


21 hours ago, Rusty said:

Race 6 start is also interesting. 


On the money lads.

Leniency was extended by Stewards when assessing penalties in Races 1 and 6 given the speed of the mobile gate in the score up.

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