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The Race Place

Aigne fights the battle of Jericho


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BUT how will the commentator(s) pronounce his name?

We are repeatedly told it is  pronounced: ah-shin (AHH -shin. Emphasis on the first syllable.)

This is about as silly as it gets. The Ozzie media will have a field day laughing about their cousins over the ditch who don't know plain English (or words derived from the French or Irish).

Aigne has several meanings - it can mean mind/attitude/psyche (Irish); it is also used as a girl's name. 

It is also a place in southern France.

There may be other derivations and meanings. But I doubt very much that it is ever correctly pronounced with an ahhh and a shhh in it!

Good luck to all the connections - and to all the poor Ozzies who have to have a crack at pronouncing the name Aigne (en-ya / ayn-ya)






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