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ngakonui grass

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6 hours ago, ngakonui grass said:

What a poor crowd at the Auck/Waikato rugby last night.Just as well rugby has a new shareholder or else they would go broke.

TV rights are lucrative but they have ruined huge crowds

TV rights may be OK at present, but TV viewer numbers are well down and that will lead to reduced TV income.

I see that run down Rugby Clubrooms are now being shown in Bunnings adverts for receiving a few crumbs to carry out minor improvements. More evidence of the poor state of the game. 

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too much of a good thing is a bad thing. It's all about money/entertainment at this level of the game, so you need to have decent income to afford it on a regular basis - unless you want to stand on a muddy bank at night in winter/early spring.

The provincial Unions all need truckloads to stay afloat so the Silverlake deal will save them; and rugby has never been afraid of asking 'top dollar' from local businesses just for the privilege of being part of their 'superior' code/product.

A complete overhaul of Super Rugby is long overdue,  IMO they'd be better off running a NZ 'NPC" as a 26-week league (like the NRL) with no Super Rugby at all. Don't think there's the political 'will' to do that now though.  



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