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Peter Snell RIP


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The man who is ingrained in the psyche of so many older NZ'ers, fell asleep at age 80 and didn't wake up.

He was such a joy to so many, that it is justice that he did not linger on for years with some debilitating illness....there is a God after all

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Peter Snell - my idol when I was a kid, later superseded by Walker/Dixon/Quax. I still have a 45 rpm recording of Snell's win at Cook's Gardens, Wanganui. Sends chills down the spine. I became a long distance runner as a teenager running 10-20 kms most days in training. Buggered my knees in no small way, I can tell you.

Then a few years later the neighbours sold their house and guess who moved in next door ? Another legend of track & field - Norman Read, who is somewhat forgotten these days. Norm won Gold for NZ in the '56 Olympics in Melbourne in the 50km walk. Sometimes he would go walking and I would accompany him jogging just to keep up. He was the fittest man I ever saw. I believe he died in 1994 during a cycle race at Pirongia. he was only 64. He had a gorgeous young Kiwi wife too !

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