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HARNESS COMP see list of races for friday 27th Alex Park and NZ Metro Entires Close at 5pm for Selections and or Scrs
PJ's 5 to Win Comp ROUND 2 - Ellerslie Sat Nov 28 - 8 races + one from Oz - closes 12.44pm

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  1. Wilson was no Kiwi last week!(-50) Keen on 3 from the stable in SA Stone / Nienaber e/w Sjoholm (value)for multi takers A first starter for me in Schaper,a young fella with good finishes around the SA circuit for value. T10/T20 For the multi takers, from Spain... Munoz, Pedersen Nuutinen, Cowan, Hiller for value I think just one week left before everyone takes a break.
  2. Forget the caps.There is gold in the box!
  3. Wilson just makes the cut!He will have to be Kiwi from there, to hit the T20!
  4. Everyone firing blanks except for NG and ya man from County Cork!
  5. From your clue PJ, the only rider up to that class through process of elimination would possibly Lethal! Couldn't even guess the horses sorry.
  6. National Hunt season well and truly under way Stodge! Some nice jumpers coming out to play this weekend. 👀 down looking for those Antes!👀
  7. Midnight Caller

    Akela Belle

    Good luck for today Gary!🏇
  8. R4 #3 Super Strike R5 #1 Supera R6 #6 14 Roch'N'Horse R7 #3 Ocean Billie R8 #14 Levante Cheers PJ
  9. Not much taking my fancy this week!So it's all about finding value! Just the one single this week on ruffie Wilson in SA, who tees off shortly For you multi takers who like to get on after the first round, who I think are overs! US: Henly Redman Nesmith Knox Hughes SA: Wilson Sjholm Kawamura Da Silva Lemke Hend Interesting fresh runners in the LPGA event Ko Jin-Young and Lee Jeongeun 6 having their first hit outs in preparation for the US Open next month. Johnson all class last week, with Smith and Im running creditably for second.Bubba never raise
  10. Well, it looks like Johnson has stolen a march on the field!(what a 3rd round by him)If he eagles the 2nd hole again, the others will only be playing for 2nd place.Small profit from Johnson if he gets the green jacket, but I will be cheering on Smith 80/1 and Im 100/1 for the upset.Also hoping Finau gets over the line against Bubba for you VC. Yesterday, with Johnson going so well early, I have him on four ÂĢ5 antes with jumpers over the next months ,mainly at Cheltenham .ðŸĪž
  11. Fantastic result Blackbookers!Like a good stayer, we ground out a win at the most important time! Thanks Daylight for a tough battle(took us four goes).Apologies to TC for getting over the line on countback(as predicted PJ!☚)but I will take it if it helps the team over the line by a short nose!Mine is a short nose after a welcome to Kelso meeting with John Jeffery in the early 90's!!ðŸĪŠ.To the Blackbookers, what a fine bunch to be playing with,when one of us was having a bad day someone stepped up and lead into battle by the fearless PJ!Thank for the great commentaries and comp PJ. Hop
  12. PJ, can I have 2-2 and a countback?
  13. R1 11-12 R2 1-2 R3 1-6 R4 3-9 R5 2-7 R6 5-7 BB R7 1-2 R8 1-3 R9 1-3 R10 1-4 BB Good luck TC Cheers PJ(scratchings please) All the best Blackbookers, it's been a great ride!
  14. Like your thinking VC! Bookies squeezing the life out of my runners in the T10/T20 market! So last Saturday when there was still a bit of value around I attacked the winner market, if any of the following win I come out with a small/ medium/large profit. Johnson, Thomas, Webb,Matsuyama, Simpson, Finau, Watson,Reed, Day, Kokrak, Smith, I'm. Top former winner Watson 9/2 Good luck
  15. Valimaki couldn't finish off the last round in Cyprus, so it was a no return weekend. I've gone early with an scatter gun (12) approach to win The Masters. I will put them up when I get back indoors! Come in VC!
  16. Well done team,(R + PJ good captains knock)for getting us over the line!(no help from me yesterday).Not that it would made much difference, kicking myself I changed Madam de Soir in the stayers race. No over thinking for me Saturday. Good luck Blackbookers
  17. R1 5-7 R2 1-9 R3 2-5 R4 2-6 BB R5 2-8 R6 2-16 R7 3-14 R8 2-6 BB R9 1-4 R10 2-3 Good luck Ashoka Cheers PJ(scratchings please) All the best Blackbookers
  18. Hard fought win Blackbookers 👍 Just need to win the Lexus,to get a run in the cup!!🙂 Good luck Wednesday team.
  19. Scheffler struggled yesterday, so did my ÂĢ10 ,and the hot and cold Nienaber didn't make the last 32(-50).Scores go back zero for the 3rd round in Cyprus and again for the last round,where the last 16 play off. Cyprus, I need Valimaki or Horsey to win.Usa Jones T20 (weekend spend 210) Last week saw a nice return from Armitage 650 Treble Jones Armitage Valimaki 617.50 Multi Jones Armitage Valimaki Jiminez 887.66.Just missed a near on 3k collect Putnam bogeys the 18th and the the only player left on the course that can push him out of the T20 birdies the last two holes!🙄
  20. Just the one left going into the big one on Tuesday Globe! Caieron- Finau T10- Horsey T10- Majestic Man
  21. We hear you Richie!😁 Every crossed for the last Blackbookers ðŸĪžðŸĪž
  22. R1 1-3 R2 2-4 R3 2-8 BB R4 1-2 R5 2-5 R6 6-9 BB R7 3-8 R8 2-13 R9 8-9 R10 5-15 Good luck Steve Cheers PJ(scratchings please) All the best Blackbookers
  23. Mardi, would you have any figures on lost meetings and revenue in NZ over the last few years? Cheers in advance
  24. One for the early birds! Second round leader(or tie) at 18/1, Scheffler is nearly the same price for winning the tournament! He needs to pick up 4 strokes on the current clubhouse leader.
  25. Valimaki 15/1 and Horsey 22/1 following on from last week!
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