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  1. Where do you get the idea they are abandoned due to there being no investment?
  2. Aaron, please remember most trainers have no idea according to mardigras. What they do won't affect the horses performance. If a horse can run it will run regardless of who is training it and who is riding it. I guess thats why despite claiming to be a professional punter who wins year on year is still having to work for a living.
  3. Is he better than Chris Dell or not? What does your analysis tell you?
  4. Barry, do you think if your trainer came to you and said we have two rider options in a Group 1 race, Opie Bosson or Chris Dell you wouldn't give two tosses who he chose?
  5. Have you raced any horses in NZ?
  6. But as an owner of an unraced horse how do you decide what trainer you send it to?
  7. Do you think trainers are important? Or pretty much irrelevant too?
  8. Next we will have Barry telling us Aaron Bidlake is a better trainer than Jamie Richards and Curious telling us Trevor Chambers does the job better than anyone else in the CD.
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