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  1. Yes. Maybe they are implying it was advantaged. Hard to work out. It didn't exactly get a head start. Haven't seen them report something like "rails run with cover throughout" either though. Maybe just trying to manipulate future pricing for the Thomasses as we suggested.
  2. I notice the stewards seem to be quite busy reporting this lately. Anyone know why? It doesn't seem to contravene any of the Rules of Racing or incur any penalties. Or are they trying to influence markets for upcoming races? E.g., from Te Rapa yesterday: AKOYA PEARL (C Burdan) –Raced wide without cover for the majority of the race IRISH BOY (Y Coonee) –Slow to begin.Raced wide without cover. HEAR MY VOICE (S Collett) –Raced wide without cover. KELLY RENEE (C Grylls) –Raced wide without cover for the majority of the race. BUY ME A ROSE (A Calder) –Raced wide withou
  3. Stops trains but only if they are going uphill.
  4. Pretty sure it was the side winkers made the difference. Watch out next time if they put blinkers on Nellie.
  5. Market tightening a wee bit as it does but still daylight robbery as it stands. Not to say there may not still be some value in there. But in most cases probably better elsewhere.
  6. It's not just ludicrous, it's plain stupid. No wonder TABNZ is going down the dunny.
  7. Yep that's why I raised it. Have a look at R1 at Hawera tomorrow. Doesn't add up for me.
  8. No odds on but a 2.20 win fave.
  9. I don't usually even look at place odds nor bet on them but why is the NZTAB offering me $31 win odds and $5.75 place odds for the same horse? Has something gone awry with my arithmetic? The oz markets are showing 31 and 7 which is a tad better but still doesn't make sense. Does the NZTAB just not want to take any place bets or what's the deal?
  10. So it's not just me with no FOs then? They must think we have all day to wait around on them. Probably gone for their afternoon latte now.
  11. Weird. Still nothing for Friday though.
  12. Heard the same but not sure if that's just the village development already underway there or if it's the whole course. I'm curious though. Maybe someone can fill us in. Be a good chunk of money to go back to the Otaaki community if true though.
  13. That's after having one balloted out 3 times in a row.
  14. Big issue for R65s here especially getting a run. One owner with a couple of those said to me today even if they put on a mid-week R65 day here for $6k stakes, that would be fine.
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