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  1. Porky, I'm struggling to see what any Covid restrictions for on course crowds have to do with the above NZTR proposals.
  2. And now, with FOB making up more than half the turnover, the pool to stake figures are likely much worse given the historic NBR on FOB (back when we could get those figures) was in the 2-12% range p.a.
  3. As Mardi says, it's impossible to extract the relevant NBR data for individual events. Any requests, all you get is documents with even publicly available figures redacted. How NZTR could put out a consultation document with questions such as the above and expect any intelligent informed feedback from stakeholders without providing the relevant wagering data supporting the idea or otherwise is beyond my comprehension and beyond any normal and usual business practice I have encountered.
  4. I don't see how it can possibly increase NBR. It will just increase the cost of achieving the same NBR or shift the cost from grassroots funding. We don't need more better horses retained here to stage competitive and viable wagering events. I only have the same data that NZTR have and have had for decades but they now propose to do more of the same that got NZ racing into the perilous position that it is. They are even proposing a Heritage racing scheme to maintain stakes levels for races like the Telegraph and Thorndon should they lose their Group status. These are exactly the races that are already grossly overfunded on an NBR basis.
  5. Twilight racing is a great idea as is AWT racing but it won't make NZ punters lose any more than they are willing to do now. It may shift where they lose it, that's about all.
  6. It's highly unlikely I will bother replying to anything. I'm struggling to even read this. Any reply seems certain to fall on the same deaf ears (or new ones).
  7. Still working my way through this but one thing that struck me today was this question: Do you support NZTR funding the creation of new, higher prizemoney events, to drive significantly improved wagering and customer engagement outcomes? But there is no case or evidence for " higher prizemoney events" driving "significantly improved wagering". The evidence is clear that these events do NOT drive wagering sufficiently to cover the costs of additional prizemoney and I am unclear from the document where they get that idea.
  8. NZTR Directions Paper - FINAL VERSION.pdf
  9. 130% market on race morning is totally ridiculous.
  10. curious

    Mid-week trivia

    Van Winkle?
  11. curious

    Mid-week trivia

    Maybe Bob ... or Chris Ramage?
  12. It seems like less than 50 horses are willing to go around there today. So, maybe some don't want to race there?
  13. Now the TAB seems to have martialled the resources to conduct a meeting there, I guess if we wait till next week we'll see who wants to race there.
  14. Or the TAB will have resources next week that they don't have this week?
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