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PJ's 5 to Win Comp ROUND 3 - Trentham Sat Dec 5 - 9 races + one from Oz - closes 12.39pm Races 1-9: Trentham card Race 10: Doomben Race 5 - Roku Gin Winning Rupert Plate


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  1. curious

    Riccarton AWT

    Last I heard you couldn't gallop there till 8.30 because they don't have any lights? Most of us are eating brekkie by then..
  2. curious

    2020 3yo crop

    You forgot to mention Wally McEwan and Brent Thomson.
  3. curious

    Chris Johnson

    Only saw his ride on Hombre. Seemed pretty typical. Has to be cautious about whip use. Like to see him up higher, more like the old Chris.
  4. curious

    Chris Johnson

    What are you seeing wrong with it?
  5. https://www.tabnz.org/sites/default/files/documents/tab21780 AR 2020 f web (1).pdf
  6. curious

    Cambridge Polytrack

    Poor decision to extend the prep of horses needing better footing?
  7. I was pleased to see that in their call for expressions of interest, the NZTR board are requiring the following: The attributes which the Board seeks for its nomination to the TAB NZ are: Knowledge of racing administration at a national level; Understanding of the betting industry and market; Experience in technology related to betting, gambling and broadcasting; Experience in sports administration at a national level; and/or Business, marketing, or economics skills.
  8. Exactly but where would all the extra starters come from?
  9. Exactly. It's always been like this. 2 seven horse races do exactly the same total turnover as one 14 horse race. There is no turnover gain. All the data says the same thing and has done for years. So you can run two 15k races with 7 runners each or one 30k race with 14 runners and the overall savings are small but there may be some. The stakes distribution to participants is also the same.
  10. https://loveracing.nz/OnHorseFiles/NZTR Annual Report 2019_LowRes 30-Oct.pdf
  11. Nor on the Minister's updated Letter of Expectations for the TAB. https://www.tabnz.org/sites/default/files/documents/Letter to Dean McKenzie (1).pdf
  12. There's this to feast on in the mean time. Haven't seen any comment on it though. https://loveracing.nz/OnHorseFiles/NZTR AR 2019-20 HiRes_RBG_29_Oct20.pdf
  13. curious


    Ta. Just need to find a magnifying glass to read them now!
  14. curious


    Where the hell have they gone on the TAB site? Can't find them anywhere. I know I'm going a bit doddery.
  15. Hardly a new study is it?
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