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  1. I do know that some overseas providers, including at least one very large one, are not even aware of the NZ PoC tax legislation. Even then, as you say, if a NZ resident customer has a bank account, address and IP number from within the jurisdiction, how are they supposed to know they should pay it?
  2. Sorry, don't know the answer to that either. It may be buried in some cost account. Perhaps someone here can advise. I'd do an OIA request for the information but given they redacted all relevant financial information including stuff they had already publicly released last time I did that, I'm not sure I can be bothered. Ran across this peer reviewed AUT report commissioned by the MOH in 2015 again the other day - https://niphmhr.aut.ac.nz/__data/assets/pdf_file/0010/11125/Final-Report-Offshore-Gambling-Study_11-September-2015.pdf. It concluded: New Zealand seems to have a lower prevalence of internet gambling than some other Western countries which means that currently only a relatively small proportion of New Zealand funds (and potential tax revenue) is being ‘lost’ overseas. However, from a policy point of view, it will be important to monitor the situation and assess changes over time as ownership of mobile internet-capable devices increases and as ultra-fast broadband access becomes more widely available. That recommendation in a peer-reviewed report seems to have been ignored in subsequent actions which have made no sense to me given the evidence. "
  3. Can't agree more on the bullshit of comparing to dreamed up buget figures cf. with actual revenue figures. Will anyone be sucked in by that? Is the PoC tax a factor in your betting reduction on NZ racing? Or, what are the main factors in that decision cf. betting on other offshore product? Or, does that also reflect an overall reduction in your betting activity? What is the status of the PoC tax now? Are all overseas providers now paying it? If so how can we see what revenue it is providing and what the collection costs are?
  4. curious

    Friday Special

    I have her well on top there but at $3, so won't be backing her at available prices. Should win that though.
  5. It's a great track. I worked there in the early 80s, was there to watch John Henry win his second Arlington Million in 1984 and most recently for the Million in 2017. However, Dick Duchossois (owner) is 99. I fear its time has come after the current season and probably the final Million this year with a stake of 600,000. Great track, especially the turf. Facilities still good when last there. Don't know what the back stretch is like now.
  6. Interesting. Assume that is $US. I think the question is really what is equitable amongst the various contributors to that wealth.
  7. https://loveracing.nz/News/33528/NZTRcallsforAcknowledgedRetrainerapplicants.aspx
  8. Perhaps someone would come on here and explain how they were derived?
  9. I can't figure out where they get those numbers?
  10. Took one look at it and binned it. Didn't compute. Just had another look when I saw this post The above is some kind of miracle though. I wonder what successful punter came up with this? There's no source provided. Hope a few start using the data though.
  11. curious

    Cambridge today

    Or divert a greater proportion of that revenue to TR
  12. curious

    Cambridge today

    Don't agree with that. It's not the role of TABNZ surely to drive the revenue on behalf of NZTR?
  13. curious

    Cambridge today

    The clubs are supposedly represented by NZTR. It is an association of clubs. Nothing to do with other participants such as trainers, jockeys, owners...
  14. curious

    Cambridge today

    Yep, that's certainly the case in the organisation I most recently worked for. Got my hand smacked for doing so. I think that many sports, e.g. NZ rugby, are very selective about who does that these days.
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