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Spring NPC Super Comp Rules and Format


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1. Players. Each team will consist of 5 players. If there are no selections posted by any of the Sub Selectors then your captain (or nominated person) may submit selections on behalf of the absent team member. In this instance their selections on behalf of the missing player must vary from their own to some degree.

2. DrawIt will consist of 8 teams and will run as a round-robin for the first 14 weeks after which the Top 4 teams will compete in a Finals Series on Nov 7 (Melbourne Cup Day) & Nov 11. The bottom 4 Teams will also have a Presidents Finals Series on those dates.

3. Selections. Competitors are required to select two runners per race. No subs are to be posted. All selections should be posted at the same time although I may make allowances if this is not possible due to late arrival for posting. Posting the same numbers for each race is not permitted. I don't think your team mates would want you to do that anyway.

4. Scratching Rule. You may post replacements for any scratching by making a new post entirely (i.e. new thread) clearly indicating your replacement selection(s). This may now be done any time up until 1 HOUR before the first race which I will refer to as CLOSING TIME. If you have not posted by then your Captain (or other team member) will have 30 minutes to submit a replacement set of selections on the selection thread (in a new post/thread). Any scratchings that require subs can also be submitted by the Captains at that time. It would be very helpful if you are at all able, to please check your selections for scratchings, before closing time. After 30 minutes prior to race 1 - ALL selections are LOCKED IN. Late scratchings will go to the TAB sub followed by the 2nd favourite by TAB win odds in that order. If more than one horse meets the latter criteria then the replacement will be the horse with the higher number. 

5. Investments. Each selection will be regarded as an imaginary $10 win bet while if both selections start, a $2 quinella combining the two selections will also be credited to the competitor. So that's a $22 investment per race per competitor if two tips are submitted.The races will usually be split 50/50 between NZ and Australia. 

6. Best Bet. Each selector may choose one race in each country as a "best bet" selection. All $$$ earned from these races will be doubled. In the event of scratchings the same best bet (BB) will apply. There will be no transference to a subsequent race. If your best bet race is abandoned - bad luck !@

7. H-T-H. The draw will pit individual players from the two teams drawn to play each other, against each other in head-to-head competition. The player with the most $$$ at the conclusion of the round is the winner for his team. The team with 3 or more winners wins the match.

8. Countback. If a head-to-head contest is a tie on $$$ earned then a countback will determine the winner by award victory to the player who uniquely selected the highest placed horse in the final event. In other words if you both selected the same horse that cancels itself out. It would be the two selections which are different which will determine the tie-breaker. If the selections are the same for the final event then the same parameter will apply to the penultimate race and so on.

9. Points. Teams will be awarded points as follows:
3-2 win - 2 points
4-1 win - 3 points
5-0 win - 4 points

Bonus points
Team profit bonus - 1 point
Losing team with higher aggregate than their conquerors - 1 point

So a well performed side which still loses may earn as many points (2) as a side which wins narrowly .

10. Jokers. There are 4 Jokers available to each team during the comp. The usual Joker - now known as the DOUBLE JOKER - can be played against any team in any round. One can be played in the first round of 7 matches and the second in the second round of 7 matches. The team captain must advise this in the post in which they make their selections. They may or may not confer with their team regarding this deployment. The DOUBLE JOKER will double the final points tally for that team for that week. So it's possible to score 10 points (this has been done more than once) from a single round while it is also possible to play your Joker score 0 points and waste it completely.


The TRIPLE JOKER is a separate chip. This can only be played against a team above you in the table with one exception. Any team will be able to play their Triple Joker against one of the 3 teams immediately below them in Round 14 if they have not already done so in Rounds 8-13. The double and triple Jokers can only be played in Rounds 1-7, and then 8-14 as usual.  It will lapse if not used within those timeframes. There is no "carry-over". The team captain must advise this in the post in which they make their selections. The TRIPLE JOKER will triple the final points tally for that team for that week. So it's possible to score 15 points from a single round. However if your team fails to score points when playing the TRIPLE JOKER, they will incur a 1 point deduction for that round.


11. Posting. Please post your selections by number (names are optional and unnecessary). If you post replacements for scratched horses then do so in a new post rather than edit your original. DO NOT POST SUBS IN BRACKETS WITH YOUR SELECTIONS.

12. Because this comp will be played in open format(everyone can see everyone else's picks when they post), there will be a restriction of at least 6 different picks (of 20) for those that post after their opponent.  Late scratchings will not affect this.

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A lot to digest, but if all else fails, just focus on

- posting 2 selections in each of the 10 selected races, by the specified closing time

- 2 races as selected Best Bets, one in each country

- if you post after your opponent, make sure at least 6 plus selections are different

- replacing any scratchings by closing time

- lighthearted banter

PJ and the captains will handle the rest

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