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Spanish Womens Football


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Not a big follower of football, but with Spain winning the WC, what an intriguing and continuing story behind the scenes.

Strong disagreement to the coaches methods

15 of the top players sent a correspondence calling for him to go or change

Spanish football federation demanded they recant and apologise

Only 3 of those 15 selected to travel, the rest from the next level down

No acknowledgement or support from those 12 of the success

Barcelona and Man United given all the credit for the win, not the coach

Amazingly Spain win and emphatically, English outclassed, what a comment that is on the quality of players available

Still very strong division and friction within Spanish womens football




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Having read all that you read, Hesi, I like others had more than a few doubts about the Spanish Football Federation, prior to the Final against England.
However the subsequent actions of the President of the Spanish Football Federation at the Medals Ceremony were able to clarify everything perfectly.
The Spanish team won this year's World Cup in spite of the Spanish Football Federation, not because of them.
Last year Spain had won the U-20s Women's World Cup, the U-17s Women's World Cup, and have so much overall strength in their women's ranks that 12 so-called mutineers were barely missed in the Women's World Cup just concluded.. The Spanish players were far too good for the opposition, and with that they were able to overcome their divisive, federation-sanctioned coach who very nearly brought the whole thing undone. 

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