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Weigh In Oct 2


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7 hours ago, Hesi said:

Nice pic of Emily for all the Guerin haters.  Still struggle to see why people are so averse to him.  His delivery is smooth and professional, plus he has made it his business to get well informed on industry matters.

Informed by who?

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Well you persuaded me to watch some of that. Butch pretty informative on the Waikato situation I thought. Some big decisions to make there.

But Guerin, professional? He had Emily extremely uncomfortable with his personalising things about Opie. Left me with images of her watching the Moir in her nightie. And where in the world is Tay Arrow-ha? Maybe with a bit of coaching ... don't know.

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As Butch points out, they are all one club now, Waikato Thoroughbred Racing, WTR, as opposed to ATR, Auckland Thoroughbred Racing, so I presume the major decisions will be around the sale of Waipa, Cambridge and Waikato, and where a new site will be, what form that new complex will take etc etc

I've found Weigh In to be pretty informative of late, good guests, and tend to look past the personal style of Guerin and listen to the message.

They are lucky to have someone of the class of Emily to host the show, just as long as the conflict of interest does not get in the way.  She is also young.  KFE had a reasonable delivery but she is too old, and the image you present is every thing

No worse than the TV1 news readers attempts at Maori.  Maori when spoken well is a lovely language to listen to, but not the way these guys butcher it.  Probably does more harm than good....tokenism.  Mihingarangi Forbes is very pleasant to listen to.

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