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Plunkett and Tamaki

ngakonui grass

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Third option being that the piss weak Electoral Commission will give out a 'vanilla' ruling and nothing will happen, which I think many believe will happen.

Good on you for listening to Sean Plunkett and The Platform, not afraid to call it how they see it, whereas legacy or mainstream media are to a large extent slow off the mark if at all about these stories concerning the Maori party.

I presume that is all about them taking the money from the Public Interest Journalism Fund and signing a contract to honour the treaty, which is all a load of bollocks and nothing more than bribery of the press, which should be a concern to all NZ'ers

I note also the below issue, more bollocks, especially when you get a TV 1 reporter with a facial tattoo interviewing the head of the Maori Language Commission.  No prizes for guessing what a non-objective piece of journalism that would be

Waitangi Tribunal urgent inquiry has begun looking into claims that the government’s push to prioritise English names and language in the public sector is harming te reo Māori.

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