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Watching Races Via TAB Site.


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Wondering if anyone has struck this problem watching races on a laptop?.Watched a few last night and after a while the coverage seemed to freeze..then start again..then sometimes freeze again..annoying when you are watching your investment.I did clear my history which helped..then it did it again after an hour or so.Laptop is only a few months old and it's not clogged up with downloaded shit,so any advice would be great.

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Mardy there is zero wrong with the TAB website for viewing,in fact its pretty bloody good.

Its almost certainly linked to your PC or the set up you have?.

Here are a few suggestions for you to try:

try clearing your cache, 3 small dots top right hand corner of google and click on settings, privacy and security, clear browsing data.

run this program https://www.glarysoft.com/

if that fails then try changing browser to Firefox or Opera from google.

If that fails does it say in the bottom corner of your web page "resolving host"?  if so I can talk you through that.

depending on how these go, I can advise some other ways to fix it.


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