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The Race Place

Place 6 today Sunday 05/04/20


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Unfortunately i have done in the past Alan, for all sorts of things including place 6 (its like talking to a hollow brick) they say they will pass it on and someone will call back..but no nothing. You have more success with a media outlet or authorities than the 0800 numba

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Yahooo..!! TAB have come up trumps with place 6 for tonight at Pakenham....

challenge anyone to have a go....see if you can make it live into the last leg..!!

Should be fun there will be some hard luck stories and hopefully some great payouts:)

Cheers All..!!

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2 minutes ago, Sir Gallivant said:

I'LL take on da challenge moosey just a ?  one horse per race or as i would normally take my pick six.

Just as you would normally Rexy....make sure you take a percentage with the TAB...so you can get a nice cash suprise 😊🍀

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Just saying big thanks Hesi and Pete, as i believe the T.A.B have seen my request and have put up extra place 6's on Sun,mon,tues,wed and thurs aussie gallop meetings yehaaa!!!


Heres mine today....

Doomben                                                        Randwick                                                      Sandown

leg 1.  3,4        1st                                           leg 1.  3,10          3rd                                  leg 1.  4,5,8         3rd

leg 2.  4,7        1st                                           leg 2.  5,6            1st                                   leg 2.  1,7,8         1st

leg 3.  3,6         X                                            leg 3.  9,10           1st                                  leg 3.  4,7             2nd,3rd

leg 4.  1,11                                                      leg 4.  2,7,11          X                                  leg 4.  2,3,10        1st

leg 5.  3,11                                                      leg 5.  8,9,12                                               leg 5.  1,5,7           3rd

leg 6.  11,16,19                                              leg 6.  3,9,15                                               leg 6.  2,4,5           2nd,3rd

$9.60 = 10%                                                   $10.80 = 5%                                                $24.30 = 5%

$0 return                                                          $0 return                                                      $153.80 return  Total 20% final of payout...  

                                                                                                                                                   ...$769 ($615.49 carry fwrd)

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M13 BALLARAT RACES (VIC) R3,4,5,6,7,8

R3  2, 11, 13

R4  7, 8

R5  3, 7

R6  2, 7, 8, 9

R7  5, 6, 7

R8  1, 9, 11


MIN %5

Heres my gallops Place 6 for the evening, Race 6 looks like a free for all..!!

Have a go at the Cambridge trots and Addington dogs Y'all...pools are growing rapidly.!!!😊🍀  ....C'mon Maxiweaslishish and Sexy Rexasourous jump on the place6 train..!!!!😊🍀😊


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