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Lees-Galloway gone

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good point made there ...

One possible / probable answer is that Jacinda couldn't ignore it having received the email from Judith - so she took the lesser of two evils - made ILG and the issue go away rather than be subjected to days/weeks of flak from Judith - who had acted quickly on the Falloon debacle.

Another possibility is that there is more to the ILG circumstances than just an extra-marital relationship (the French must be scratching their heads in disbelief at this whole thing!). Perhaps Jacinda hopes to keep the lid on worse allegations.

Or...Jacinda's own people are masterminding the demise of ILG cos it portrays the Leader as capable of sacking someone after all, and few people saw ILG as competent anyway


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Jacidna said yesterday:

"There are circumstances here that I think reach a threshold that require the actions I've taken today and therefore is something I would've wished the minister to have shared with me.... I've made the decision about the role and my confidence in him as a minister."

Maxi asks today:

What would Jacinda have done if:

  • Minister L-G had confessed his affair to the PM (as she wished)
  • the Minister had been (say) Grant Robertson or Chris Hipkins? 
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