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I have reviewed the rules in light of recent events and added a new proviso (highlighted below). Any questions please ask now.

12. Closing Time. ALL selections must be posted 20 minutes before the start time of comp race 1 including best bets. ALL selections must be contained in the one post. If a competitor has not selected by the 20 minute prior cut off time then the Captain (or appointed team mate) may post up until 10 minutes before the start time of comp race 1. The Captain's own selections must be posted before the 20 minute cutoff - no selections, no entry after this point. Also any missing or excess best bets and any scratching replacements for team members can be posted in that period if not already remedied. No selections or scratching replacements will be allowed past the final cut off of 10 minutes before the start time of comp race 1. My decision is final in this and all other matters.

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No questions from me, PJ.
Everything is as I always understood the process to have been originally designed to be ...with you emphasizing here that the only non-posters at the 20 min mark who can't have a set inserted for him/her (within the ensuing 10 mins.), are Captain non-posters. Any Captain non-poster at the 20 min. mark will have "done his or her chips'.
Entirely reasonable and satisfactory. 👍 

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